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Beigetreten: Jul 15, 2013
Letzte Interaktion: heute um 14:21:46
Land:  (England)
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Anzahl Logins: 11866
Zeit auf GPRO verbracht: 11316.1 Stunden


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Name: Kyle Morris

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Geschlecht: Männlich
Geburtsdatum: -
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Beziehungsstatus: Single
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GPRO Meisterschaften: 0
Anzahl GPs: 5 (461)
Erzielte Punkte: 0 (1219)
Siege: 0 (51)
Podien: 0 (108)
Pole Positions: 0 (48)
Schnellste Rennrunden: 0 (53)
Ø Pkt/GP: 0 (2.64)
Erster GP: Saison 37, Rennen 4


Gruppe: Master - 1 Sponsor 1: F-Secure
Geld: $??.???.??? Sponsor 2: ManagerLeague
Tabellenplatz: 24 Sponsor 3: Kenwoods
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Autolackierung Reifen
Fahrer: Jon Malvern (182)
Tech D: Enrique Colombo (100)
Team Name: reAnimated
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Karriere von Kyle Morris (Letzte Aktualisierung: Apr 6 2018, 23:40:07)

To Leigh Gaskin: Thanks for all the help you have given me through GPRO, and all the work you did for the team, and all the laughs you gave us all (and all the joking around you used to do with me on the weekly review) you will surely be missed by me and the whole of the team. RIP

A82 Championship Season 45. Dedicated to you Leigh, for helping me so much get to this position and would have been happy for me. You will always remain a part of Larmite :)

According to Ben Gilbert i am now Czech. You can now call me Karel Mojžíš /gb/forum/ViewTopic.asp?TopicId=27217&PostId=4186231#post4186231

First person to post a 100000 post in GPRO /gb/forum/ViewTopic.asp?TopicId=24640&PostId=4011397#post4011397 27/09/16

Quote ( Lyee Chong @ March 31st 2018,05:07:59 )

The winner of GPRO Community Award (for Season 63): Kyle Morris won Supporter Credits x 17 races

Thank you so much :) Didn't expect it at all and feel honour to get it :)

Voted Best Chat Person in the S56 Oscars... Was totally unexpected, first oscar ever. Thanks to everyone who voted for me :)
Voted Best manager outside of Elite (shared with David Rolleston) S59 Oscars... Totally undeserved because i was the 2nd best person in A51, but i'll take another oscar :D
Voted Best Chat Person again in the S60 Oscars... Thanks so much, every vote for me means a lot to me and makes me feel liked :D
Voted Best Forum User in the S61 Oscars. Thank you for all the votes again!
Voted Best Mentor in the S61 Oscars. I like helping people out and to be recognised is a honour, thanks :)
Inducted into the GPRO Hall Of Fame in Season 63 unofficial Oscars - Its a huge honour for me and couldn't be where i am without you lot
Also was an honour to host the S60, S61 and S63 Oscars. Had a lot of fun :D

I used to have loads of stuff posted, but i can't keep up with it anymore so have a look around :P