Fuji GP

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Taulukoiden käyttövinkit

• click on any position number to follow the respective car
• click on any manager name to highlight them in the tables and on the track, you can do the same by clicking the car of the manager on the track
• click on the gap of any manager to display everyone's gaps compared to that manager

Events legend

[T] = Tekninen ongelma
[P] = Pit
[M] = Ajovirhe
[B] = Kuluneet renkaat

TV mode

Vaihtaa automaattisesti seurantakohdetta riippuen tapahtumista radalla. Manuaalinen seurantakohteen vaihto ei ole käytössä TV-tilassa.

Follow and static mode

By default you will follow your own car. To follow another car use the "Left" and "Right" arrows. Double click on the track to disable the following of the car and go to static view. You can then drag the static track to view only a specific section of the track.

Pienennä/Suurenna rataa ja katselutila

You can zoom out and see the complete track, cars will be represented as dots depending on the zoom level. The colors of the dots correspond to the colors of the manager positions in the tables. In fully zoomed in mode you can toggle between 50%, 75% and 100% cars with the "View mode" () button. When zoomed out you can toggle between dots (position, flag, initials or empty) and small cars. Note that you can also use the mouse wheel or pinch-zoom on mobile devices to control the zoom level.

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# R Managerin nimi (Sija) Kierrosaika Nopein kierros (Kierr)
# Managerin nimi Pitit Nopein pit (Kierr) Viimeisin pit (Kierr)
# Maa Managerin nimi Aiemmat pisteet Tulevat pisteet

Tämä uusinta on lukittu

You can unlock the replay of all groups for this season and race for only 0.5 supporter credits. Once unlocked, the replay will always be available for you to watch.

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