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Joined: Jan 1st, 2012
Last interaction: Apr 12th 2017, 15:41:19
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Name: Patrik Balogh

47% unlocked

Gender: Male
Birth date: Today, 1997
Birthplace: Nem emlékszem
Place of residence: Budapest
Relationship status: -
Height: -
Weight: -

GPRO Statistics

GPRO Trophies: 0
Number of GPs: 1 (408)
Points scored: 0 (912)
Wins: 0 (41)
Podiums: 0 (82)
Pole positions: 0 (59)
Fastest laps: 0 (36)
Avg pts/race: 0 (2.24)
First GP: Season 28, Race 17


Group: Master - 5 Sponsor 1: -
Money: $-???.???.??? Sponsor 2: -
Season position: 40th Sponsor 3: -
Certification: The manager has not passed the GPRO certification test yet! Sponsor 4: -
Sponsor 5: -
Car livery Tyres
Driver: Roelof Bleekemolen (158)
Tech D: None
Team name: -
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Mr. Conspiracy :)))

Some interesting quotations:

Sponsor monopoly:
Quote ( Michael Keeney @ March 15th 2013,14:05:32 )

I still think the whole sponsor system needs looking at before any of this tyre BS. The sponsor system has needed an overhaul for a while.

Quote ( Paulo Pinto @ November 23rd 2016,21:56:03 )

I'm retired from elite. :)

Quote ( Jack Wemyss @ August 1st 2016,12:19:39 )

Which member of this fine online text based motor racing management game would be the most odious monopoly opponent?

Quote ( Patrik Balogh @ January 3rd 2017,14:04:53 )

Be a retainer or a relegator, I won't suffer if a monopoly (or, more precisely, oligopoly) is against me, and the conditions are inappropriate.

Driver energy:
Quote ( Konstantin Kiskinov @ October 14th 2016,23:05:43 )

65-70% like this change, but I believe they wouldn't stop playing the game if it wasn't introduced. On the other hand we have 30-35%, which don't like it and probably for half of them the game is not interesting anymore and they are likely to stop playing it... So when we sum it up, it seems that the "driver energy" will not help, but decrease the number of players. Good job, GPRO! :)

Quote ( Patrik Balogh @ January 20th 2017,20:03:35 )

My biggest problem with this feature is unrealisticity. I see that 'dead-driver-effect' in the end of the race doesn't show up in F1 or in other car racing (management) games. Or tell me about one car racing game, where you can find this driver energy feature or something similar.

To conclude:
Quote ( Danny Bayliss @ July 30th 2016,00:31:24 )

Very much enjoyed my time here...but it is definitely time to go.

Quote ( Matt Kasar @ January 24th 2017,23:20:08 )

If you are fed up with it then why are you here?
I thought the purpose of games was to derive enjoyment? If this game isn't doing it for you then maybe you should try something else? Though this game is a lot more enjoyable when people don't take it so seriously