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Emri:Aidan Keranen
Shteti: Australi
Anëtarësuar:16 Maj, 2010
Lidhja e fundit: 18 Janar 2019, 15:21:12
Postime ne forum:16  (Shiko postimet)
GPRO Trofetë: 0
Numri i garave:0 (573)
Pikë të shënuara:0 (755)
Fitore:0 (6)
Podiume:0 (37)
Pole pozicione:0 (24)
Xhiro të shpejta:0 (4)
Pikët mesatare / garë: - (1.32)
Vërtetim: Menaxheri ka kaluar testin me sukses ne GPRO! (12 Shtator, 2012)

16% hapur

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Gara e parë: Sezoni 20 - Gara 1
Koha kycjeve:1918
Koha në GPRO:351.2 orë
Data e lindjes: -
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Para: $?
Piloti: Asnjë
Drejtori Teknik: Asnjë
Mesatarja stafit:0
Goma: blank
Emri Skuadres: -
Team position:0
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Karriera menaxherike e Aidan Keranen (Përditësimi i fundit: 18 Korrik 2015, 14:11:35)
Barcelona S22 R9
Shanghai S25 R1
Kyalami S45 R14
Bucharest Ring S48 R7

Yas Marina S20 R6
Oesterreichring S20 R15
x2 Melbourne S22 R17|S27 R10
x3 Monza S26 R15|S27 R3|S41 R17
Magny Cours S26 R16
Spa-Francorchamps S26 R17
x2 Bucharest Ring S27 R1|S48 R7
Zolder S27 R2
Anderstorp S27 R4
Singapore S27 R7
Barcelona S27 R9
Estoril S41 R9
Indianapolis S48 R1
Silverstone S48 R3
Paul Ricard S48 R4
Istanbul S48 R6

Fastest Laps:
Mugello S20 R14
Nurburgring S20 R17
Interlagos S33 R15

Nil (best finish 5th with -$15.000.000)

Rookie 177 Season 22

2nd: Rookie 177 Season 25

Home Races:
Melbourne (Australia)
Ahvenisto (Finland)
Spa-Francorchamps (Belgium)
Adelaide (Australia)

--Season 20, here we go!
not much, 2 fastest laps and 2 poles, 3 podiums, yet no elusive win.

--Season 21, should be better.
wasn't. ended up missing last three races with no money.
even mate in his first season got to amateur....

--Season 22, Amateur or BUST!
First season of the 2000 F1 Guys....we're going places!
and...Home Race Melbourne as the last race... Oh I can only dream!
unfortunately, only pole position i got for it. even with extra-soft tyres, it never worked :(
but as for the season, either way, not too bad, Barcelona- Numero Uno if you don't mind :D
with the 2000 F1 Guys in building mode, i was happy to stay in Rookie, but next season i just don't know...

geez, lost about 2 and a half seasons. season 25 will be the one.
got scared, the 2KF1 clan nearly went down the drain with only me and James left. luckily, we are still alive...just

--Season 25, dreams can come true, i think
****, i won the first race. wasn't expecting that. but a nice boost in funds i must say!
rest of the season went all downhill. was still in top for until round 14-ish, and although i finished the season well, it was gone. but i finished with money, which is an achievement for me!

--Season 26, déjà vu?
team did well in race two, i got 5th, 4 others got top-10's, 3 being points, 2 being podiums and one being a win. we broke our own PB for a round, getting 11 points in a round, and went inside the top-500. lovely.
Final 4 races are mine for the taking i reckon. Atte Maki is a top driver, the car is geared for speed, and i still have money in reserve!
well i did, i now don't, its going to be interesting, i feel that i need a podium at monza, then the win at Spa is all the more realistic, mangy cours is going to hurt me a lot...

--Season 27, i think i'm getting the hang of this....
So obviously I am still in good ol' Rookie 177. Damn.
As you can see, apart from a pole, no big win at Spa. Shame.
2KF1 finished 402nd, so thats good. until we fell to 489th in race 1.
i feel i know what needs to be done. for the last 2-3 seasons, i have been racing with an Amateur group mindset, which is different to a Rookie mindset. but i am somewhat confident.
Atte Maki, my man, FTW in S27 no doubt! go the finn...

--Season 28-30
Ok, it failed miserably.

--Season 31
Finally gave it up, i'm a retired teenager.

--Season 32
I'm baaaack. And looking to make a mark on the amateur tier. season 32 is all about getting money for the team so James can get into amateur. Who says i'm greedy ;)
AND THEN I BECAME CERTIFIED! 5 goes wasn't enough to stop me :P

--Season 33
Looking to break through, ended up breaking down. Missed 3 races during middle part of season, losing valuable upgrades and sponsorship, plus ruining next season without the extra $5mil. Atte Maki makes a glorious return R15, with a fastest lap. Though that makes him over 85, which is not good. #tanking