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Emri:Stefan Nordqvist
Shteti: Suedi
Anëtarësuar:6 Shkurt, 2009
Lidhja e fundit: 16 Shkurt 2016, 13:07:25
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Gara e parë: Sezoni 13 - Gara 4
Koha kycjeve:4722
Koha në GPRO:1211.5 orë
Data e lindjes: -
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Statusi civil:Angazhuar/Fejuar

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Para: $?
Piloti: Asnjë
Drejtori Teknik: Asnjë
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Karriera menaxherike e Stefan Nordqvist (Përditësimi i fundit: 11 Prill 2010, 18:52:18)
i joined Gpro in S13 and with the swedish driver Jo Johansson behind
the wheel nothing could go wrong ! .well it did and i changed the driver
to a japanese driver with a name i cant spell and the downhill contiued.
Like a stroke of magic in race 13 i contracted Skip Cheever a driver from
USA ,my thougts was that he could help me to set up the speed in the
negotiation process but he did much more,in his first race he scored
my first point .
Season 13 ended with a total of 6 points

season 14 started as season 13 ended i continued to score but
the podium was just a dream until i signed the new young driver
Helmut Nehauser in race 5 in race 10 then it was my turn to
have all the glory my first win and the succes was a fact .
I also joined STAR TEAM 2 in race 5 and with my new friends
the climbing to the top had begun.
season 14 ended with 46 points two wins and promotion to
amatuer 46

season 15 "A new learning season"
the young austrian driver Helmut contiued to proof himself
as a talanted driver , and we tried to have a slick budget but
as allways the desire to win was to great for us, so we kept
on spending money on personal trainers and facilities to
keep up with the other teams.
the season was not a total fiasko and we managed to stay
in amatuer .
season 15 2 podiums and a total of 29 points.

Season 16
now we started to have some confidence in ourselfs
and and the silver and bronse cups was stacked in a corner
of the garage but the the gold cups didnt come our way.
with a total of 38 points the season was the best ever
even if the 1 place was out of reach.

season 17
when the season begun i had the intention to save money and
take some points to stay in ama 46.
but in the first race Helmut "the rocket" Neuhauser came in 4th
without taking chances ...then what to do....
offcourse change the season objective !!!
now we were heading to pro .
with money well spent to a personal trainer to my driver
and new facillities to the pitcrew and mecanics .
we were on track ....PRO here we come

Season 18

First Season in pro was a BIG mistake from the beginning to
the end the, and the relegation is a fact .
and im sad to say that i have to let Helmut go ...
but he dosnt belong in amatuer class maybe our paths can
bring us together in the future .
A new driver will be hired soon and my teams reputation
WILL be restored in S19, you all in amatuer fear the wrath
of Tribute to Ronnie P now were back with more money and
experience and a burning heart becouse i will never let Ronnie Down ......