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Emri:Vinayak Nair
Shteti: Indi
Anëtarësuar:26 Gusht, 2009
Lidhja e fundit: 29 Shtator 2015, 14:25:38
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Gara e parë: Sezoni 16 - Gara 5
Koha kycjeve:5850
Koha në GPRO:549 orë
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Statusi civil:Në një marrëdhënie

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Piloti: Asnjë
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Karriera menaxherike e Vinayak Nair (Përditësimi i fundit: 28 Shkurt 2012, 18:52:58)
hiii guyys..

i will start from my 1st season in GPRO in other words u can call it a season of downs hehhe

i entered this game and although i like to read novels i dont like to read the rules and all that ...
so i did not rread any newbie guide or anythiing of this game ... i just started qualifying directly(that also i dont remember how i came to kknow that we have to qualify :) )

after that i saw that every race i was getting accident at start (of course it would happen since my settings were so good :) )
i got annoyed but then i found that their were managers from india too
i private messaged a manager called "sagar Subhedar who helped me in settings then after that abhijeet titkare another manager also helped me but those only led to making of some points ....
but that too not in first season ...

after my so poor run i left GPRO and was addicted to other online game :)

but got pissed from that .. after tat i got messages from GPRO abt the next races and all.. so i decided to join again..

this time it was my previous season from which i took this game a pretty seriously.. all becoz of only one manager of GPRO whom i will like to give the credit to all the poiints which am getting in this season and got in previous season -"SAMEER MARATHE" he helped me a lot throughout my settings!.. i gave him my id for holiday and he took my game to gr8 heights now also i consult him always and he tells me too...

so my first win was a gamble played by him as he gave high risks and a driver whom i thought was bad as i only thought overall good driver iis the best .. (i.e. i always bid for driiver wid overall 85 since am in rookie)

he told me that driver would do gr8 and am getting the results !!
thanx man! thanx so much,,
Now, i m in such an awesome team "THE GENTLEMAN's Club"everyone is so nice in this team and i get so much help from them ! just luv this team thanx a lot guys!