reAnimated Green

Mick RidleyKyle MorrisRolf ToblerMitch HallJim NortonAli İhsan UmutluNorbert AmbrusSam DurrantDaryl GeeLyee Chong

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Makina e Ekipit:

Emri i Ekipit: reAnimated Green
Websiti i skuadrës: Asnjë
Themeluar: Sezoni 44 - Gara 9
Titujt: 0
Fitove kupen nukaut: 0
Gjithsej pikët: 14,610.10
Mesatarja pikëve/garë: 25.54
Mesatarja pikëve/sezon: 434.22
Renditja mesatare e pozicionit: 111.63
Me së shumti pikë të fituara në një garë: 43.93 (Sezoni 68 - Gara 13)
Pozicioni Sezonal: 204
Piket sezonale: 35.05
Arritjet e ekipit:

24% hapur

Shumica e anëtarëve në Elite: 1 (Sezoni 52, Gara 1)
Anëtarët sjellë në Elite: 3
Numri i garave të përfaqësuara në:
Cumulative results:
Results this season:
Numri i përkrahësve: 6
Vënde te lira: 0

Anëtarët e Ekipit

Vend Sht. Menagjeri Grupi Kontributi
01. Mick Ridley Amateur - 9 14.8% (8.9%)
02. Kyle Morris Pro - 14 23.4% (7.5%)
03. Rolf Tobler Rookie - 31 8% (5.9%)
04. Mitch Hall Amateur - 24 0% (4.2%)
05. Jim Norton Pro - 6 16% (2%)
06. Ali İhsan Umutlu Amateur - 11 12.9% (0.5%)
07. Norbert Ambrus Pro - 22 4.1% (0.3%)
08. Sam Durrant Amateur - 35 4.9% (0%)
09. Daryl Gee Rookie - 91 8.6% (0%)
10. Lyee Chong Amateur - 61 7.2% (5.7%)

Logoja e Ekipit

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restore to life or consciousness; revive.
"in the vain hope of being reanimated he left his body to science"

When this team started out. We were all relatively dejected with the state of the game. The entire ambition behind this team was to get a good group of guys together. Have a banter and get back into the love of the game.

We have 100% achieved that. Other members goals may have changed since then and have left to pastures new, but our goals have changed too. We are aiming to be a top team in the game. But not at the expense of having a monotonous team atmosphere.

[GPRO Oscars] S57 & S58 & S60(Joint) Unofficial Community Awards winners for:

Your favorite GPRO team apart from your own :D

[GPRO Oscars] S59 Unofficial Community Awards winners for:
Most Overachieving Team


During the season break, reAnimated, became reAnimated Green, and CTR joined our ranks as a sister team, and became reAnimated Black.