Andromeda Racing Orion

Matthew KnowlesGijs NummerdorNicholas KalyangoMario MarsfeldElina PähraJiří RoubAdrian WoodsDaniel Tufft-LeachAthol Kay

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Emri i Ekipit: Andromeda Racing Orion
Websiti i skuadrës:
Themeluar: Sezoni 72 - Gara 8
Titujt: 0
Fitove kupen nukaut: 0
Gjithsej pikët: 93.80
Mesatarja pikëve/garë: 13.40
Mesatarja pikëve/sezon: 227.80
Renditja mesatare e pozicionit: 583.29
Me së shumti pikë të fituara në një garë: 15.87 (Sezoni 72 - Gara 14)
Pozicioni Sezonal: 510
Piket sezonale: 90.9333
Arritjet e ekipit:

0% hapur

Shumica e anëtarëve në Elite: 0
Anëtarët sjellë në Elite: 0
Numri i garave të përfaqësuara në:
Cumulative results:
Results this season:
Numri i përkrahësve: 2
Vënde te lira: 1

Anëtarët e Ekipit

Vend Sht. Menagjeri Grupi Kontributi
01. Matthew Knowles Amateur - 70 17.6% (17.1%)
02. Gijs Nummerdor Amateur - 76 22.1% (21.5%)
03. Nicholas Kalyango Rookie - 13 11.1% (10.7%)
04. Mario Marsfeld Amateur - 16 7.6% (7.4%)
05. Elina Pähra Rookie - 177 13.5% (13.1%)
06. Jiří Roub Rookie - 66 13.6% (13.1%)
07. Adrian Woods Rookie - 84 9% (8.7%)
08. Daniel Tufft-Leach Rookie - 84 3.7% (3.6%)
09. Athol Kay Rookie - 150 1.8% (1.8%)

Logoja e Ekipit

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Andromeda Racing Orion

We will provide our team members with assistance in
-Set ups, strategy
-drivers, sponsors, etc.
-Everything you need to be ready for race day and to learn and grow
-and progress in the game in all areas

We also have an external Forum
and Skype for easy communication
and to get together on race days.

Our expectations of you

~Loyalty is worth more than gold~

-Ideally we would like for you to be supporter and to be able to communicate well in English.
-To be An active participant in all races and if away let another member holiday your account.
-Be willing to join the Skype group,
and looking for a place to put down some roots and a place to call home
Amongst friends. This is the Team atmosphere we have and are aiming
To extend to the right candidates.

- Also Its Mandatory to post Qualifying data before each race
and Race Analysis afterwards to the External forum.

-If you're interested, please send a message to Matt
with Why you would like to join our team and what your current aims are in the game?
Big or small. Just so we can get to know you a bit better and decide
If we're the right fit for each other.

Applications with out prior conversation will
Automatically be rejected.