Hesketh Exiles

Chris LeeRichard HylandsCharles ShawJean-Charles HuillierStefano ScanzaniJohn ChapmanGabriele GallettiDeyan RangelovNikola NikolovRobert Osborne

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Makina e Ekipit:

Emri i Ekipit: Hesketh Exiles
Websiti i skuadrës: Asnjë
Themeluar: Sezoni 19 - Gara 1
Titujt: 0
Fitove kupen nukaut: 0
Gjithsej pikët: 15,103.00
Mesatarja pikëve/garë: 17.24
Mesatarja pikëve/sezon: 293.09
Renditja mesatare e pozicionit: 250.43
Me së shumti pikë të fituara në një garë: 34.13 (Sezoni 27 - Gara 14)
Pozicioni Sezonal: 230
Piket sezonale: 144.8665
Arritjet e ekipit:

19% hapur

Shumica e anëtarëve në Elite: 0
Anëtarët sjellë në Elite: 0
Numri i garave të përfaqësuara në:
Cumulative results:
Results this season:
Numri i përkrahësve: 5
Vënde te lira: 0

Anëtarët e Ekipit

Vend Sht. Menagjeri Grupi Kontributi
01. Chris Lee Master - 2 10.1% (5.7%)
02. Richard Hylands Pro - 11 15.9% (2.2%)
03. Charles Shaw Amateur - 67 13.7% (1.4%)
04. Jean-Charles Huillier Amateur - 91 5.2% (0.6%)
05. Stefano Scanzani Amateur - 6 10% (0.5%)
06. John Chapman Amateur - 41 12.6% (0.5%)
07. Gabriele Galletti Rookie - 77 11.1% (0.4%)
08. Deyan Rangelov Amateur - 64 7.3% (0.2%)
09. Nikola Nikolov Amateur - 89 6.3% (0.2%)
10. Robert Osborne Amateur - 74 7.8% (2.6%)

Logoja e Ekipit

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Welcome to Hesketh Exiles - The Home of No Bullshit Racing

The Hesketh of old was created as a tribute to the late James Hunt, world champion in 1976, who raced for Lord Hesketh's team over a number of seasons and formulas and ending up bloodying the noses of the big boys in formula 1 before the team imploded!

Our team has evolved through many forms. Once part of a huge multi-team enterprise we now favor the quite life while retaining the old Hesketh valves. We have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and data over the years and have enjoyed a great deal of success on the track.

Once a Hesketeer, Always a Hesketeer!

Free feel to apply to join if you are a former Hesketh member, a follower, a fan of the great James Hunt or a Gproer that starts every race but seeks a team for support not pressure.

Please note however...

• We only race for Fun!
• We know what we're doing so
• We can always help out if you need it
• We give zero fucks about any sort of ambition
• We put no demands on team involvement or activity
• And we absolutely do not require anyone to Pay-to-Play!

Please send a PM to the team leader with some info about yourself before making an application. Your application will be rejected without a message.

Thanks for visiting!