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Honda RA106 - 2006
Naam:Roman Zboril
Land: Slovakije
Speelt sinds:Nov 21, 2009
Laatste beweging: Dec 18 2021, 02:06:24
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GPRO Trofeeën: 0
Aantal GP's:0 (176)
Punten behaald:0 (380)
Overwinningen:0 (4)
Podiums:0 (19)
Pole posities:0 (1)
Snelste ronde:0 (2)
Gem pntn/wedstr.: - (2.16)
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Eerste GP: Seizoen 17, Race 9
Aantal keer ingelogd:993
Tijd gespendeerd op GPRO:343.4 uren
Geboortedatum: -
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Waarde personeel:0
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Loopbaan van manager Roman Zboril (Laatst aangepast: Mei 9 2014, 12:25:21)
Race8: Comeback after very long break once again but comeback with a style. first race high risk high reward. Weak car but really good strategy and my driver seem okey and manage to earn 2 points in first race i probably dont have chance to get promoted but hey lets play for fun ! Hopefully i will earn points regulary this season.
Race9: crazy race two times wet track .. i am kinda slow in qualification but its fine since my speed in race is kinda okey i earn one point horray tactic could be better could be worse ... overall satisfaction is on place after this race :)
Race10: Best strategy i could have only 2 pit stops and that allowed me to finish on second place i was probably never on second place so yeah happy :)
Race11: another race another point thats all about this race :D
So After first 2 race all i can say is that i didnt expect this maybe opponents are high risk or my car is low or my driver sucks bud still result is clearly domotivating me and tbh i dont want to continue since my tactic in both race was perfect and still these shitty results so i am retiring once again ....
Race 9: Comeback after a long break. I came in right time because of my homeland race that actually bring me luck . First of all qualification with old driver were kinda horrible 18th place but after that my new driver arrived and was ready for racing. Race went better then expectated. My tactic was excellent and i did only 3 pits and 2 were becasue of rain so best tactic ever and best comeback becasue i ended up on 5th possition what is a really nice result becasue my car was the weakest one.
Race 10: qualification wasnt bad at all 10 th place is really good result but still i am not one of the fastest guys in pace . Race wasnt bad but my strategy could be much better i tanked too much fuel and that cost me points but still 9 place isnt that bad :/
Race 11:horrible first qualifitacion time it was so bad so after second one which were much better i end up on 17th place but the race was even worst i lost some position after start and then i couldnt pass over 2 cars that were actually slower then me and for my luck i go to pit 3 laps before finish so i ended up on 13th place which is i guess really bad so better luck in next race :/
Race 12:i hate this game .. i hate this game so much ... qua finally good result 9 place but have to go to pit 4 laps after start then after pit my driver do driving mistake so hell yeah from 7 th palce to 19th and then another pit and after pit i get puncture so i was not able to finish race and end up on 18 th place love this game
Race 13: Still same problem still i am slow ... my tactic was good only 2 stops but i dont in race i ma just slow and after start a lost many position and in conclusion i ended up on 11th place what is not bad result after all but still I AM TOO SLOW
Race 14: i would say it was a good race .. somehow i forget to repair suspension so my car were overworn but i manage to finish race on 14 th place with car problems during whole race so i guess good one :D
Race 15 : well i didnt expect this i expect to earn finally some points but podium was suprise for me so i am happy tactic was good and of course i had new parts so no technical problem and that was the most important thing so lets hope for another good result in next race :)
Race 16 : as i expected another points for me 6th palce is good enough and finally i am fast enough and lets hope for points in last race and than horray for another S
Race 1: new seasoen new driver new car new evyrthing :) so qualify was quite good 9 th place at start not bad :) but the race was better tactic was good and my driver was really fast so i end up at 4 th place so i guess good start ^^
Race 13 : coming back in gpro after a few season qualification position 26th .... awful but race was good i end at 18 place but i dont have enough speed for point but i will try my best
Race 14: hm sign contract with new driver .... quite good 13th in qualify but race wasnt best at all tactic wasnt bad but i am still slow like a hell ... i update car a little bit so we will see result in next race :)
Race 15: so new driver some new upgrade ... qualify 12 th quite good ... but in first q i was really slow .. in second it was better .so Race .... good tactic again only 2 put stop ... it was good but i am really slow but i end at 10 th place thanx to my tactice so we wiil see next race i will do some really hard upgrade
Race 16 : so new upgrade really dont help ... qualify what a fail 24 th position .... and race wasnt better, my tactic sux and i was slow ... again so slow .... i hope that in lat race i should be at least in top 10 :D
Race 17 : qualify good i saw that i am not as slow as in last race so i end up at 16 th place .... race tactic good cant be better :D a speed was good too i have enough speed to finally get some point so i do and end up at 6 th place .. so season end and i really looking forward to next :)
Race 9:Good race, bad strategy i was 9th but 2 laps before finish I must go to pit :( and I end at 16 th place
Race 10:Good Qualify, bad result and bad strategy after start I was on 2 place but start raining and I start loosing position because I must go to pit and I fall on 15th place .For my luck Craig Walker had tire puncture and I finished at 14th place :(
Race 11: ach after first time I was happy because i finished on podium but race must be restarted for bug :( after second race i finished at 6th place still good result :) (but podium is podium :()
Race 12:hm good result 7th place another point for me :) but my strategy wasn't be best
Race 13: i dont have luck because 5 laps before finish my wings were worn at 98% then i started lose position and i end at 9th place :(
Race 14: very funny race :D a end at 15th race my tire was dry but the track was wet very bad strategy :D
Race 15:Again bad strategy a must go to pit more soner that i want than I finished again at 9 th place :(
Race 16:my best race good race good strategy I and at 5th place but my contract whit my driver end :(
Race 17:my new driver was so horrible I have very good strategy but i end only at 12 th place but good result because I started on 21th place :D