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Naam:Vakaris Sigauskas
Land: Litouwen
Speelt sinds:Dec 22, 2011
Laatste beweging: Nov 11 2018, 14:31:42
Forum berichten:19  (Bekijk berichten)
GPRO Trofeeën: 0
Aantal GP's:0 (48)
Punten behaald:0 (130)
Overwinningen:0 (1)
Podiums:0 (8)
Pole posities:0 (1)
Snelste ronde:0 (0)
Gem pntn/wedstr.: - (2.71)
Certificatie: Deze manager heeft de GPRO certificatie test succesvol afgelegd! (Jul 4, 2017)

3% geopend

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Snelle feiten

Eerste GP: Seizoen 54, Race 2
Aantal keer ingelogd:924
Tijd gespendeerd op GPRO:220.1 uren
Geboortedatum: -
Status relatie:Kerel

Huidige staat

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Piloot: Geen
Tech D: Geen
Waarde personeel:0
Banden: blank
Teamnaam: -


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Loopbaan van manager Vakaris Sigauskas (Laatst aangepast: Aug 11 2017, 12:03:11)
------------------------RANDOM STUFF------------------------

Favourite track



Most successful track



Career wins

S59 Poznan GP


Career podiums

S55 Yeongom GP (P2)
S59 Rafaela Oval GP (P2)
S59 Yeongom GP (P3)
S59 Serres GP (P2)
S59 Valencia GP (P3)
S59 Silverstone GP (P3)
S59 Grobnik GP (P2)
S59 Poznan GP (P1)

------------------------RACE HISTORY------------------------

Season 55, Race 1 (Singapore GP)

Started 4th and finished 4th. Not sad but not happy either. After race figured out the problems. Waiting for the next race! ;)


Season 55, Race 2 (Baku City GP)

Started 6th and finished 5th. Not happy with my result, because if i add one more lap of fuel it would be the 3rd place and my first podium. In the other hand it was my first race with new team. Plenty of more still waits!


Season 55, Race 3 (Serres GP)

Started 4th and finished 6th. What can I say... i was sooooo of pace.


Season 55, Race 4 (Yeongom GP)

Started 4th and finished 2nd. OMG! It's my first podium and a second place! The race tactic was perfect and i finished 2nd with 2sec off pace. Everyone can win. It's all about tactics. That puts me in 3rd place! Amateur?

------------------------NEW SEASON------------------------

Season 59, Race 1 (Monte Carlo GP)

Started 9th and finished 10th. Well, it was a long time since i've been here. I just got an email from GPRO and decided that I should give this game another try. So here am I. My tactic for this race was random, because there was about 5 minutes left for me to qualify. At least i tried my luck in this "random" GP. I am looking towards next race where my tactics will be 100% on point! At least I hope. :)


Season 59, Race 2 (Hockenheim GP)

Started 12th and DNF (18th). The tactic was on point as i expected, but the tire puncture ruined my whole race. Now im trying to sing new, better driver and staying positive till next race!


Season 59, Race 3 (Zolder GP)

Started 15th and finished 6th. It was good work from everyone. Well, almost. My pit crew messed up my pit stop. I would like to remind, that that pit stop was my only one. I could say they have some special skills. But anyway. My new driver was very good. Lap times were decreasing during the race and I think he was the reason why we took 6th place and not 8th. 3 points are a lot for me and it boosts my balance. For this race I chose 1 stop strategy, and oh boy did it worked for me. I gained 9 positions​ with an off pace car. Like i said in the beginning - good work from everybody. I'm waiting for next race as I can truly fulfill my drivers potential.


Season 59, Race 4 (Bremgarten GP)

Started 15th and finished 8th. Another race with perfect strategy. I was the only one who managed to pull off a 1 stop. But like always I was missing pace... It was horrible looking from that perspective. With this strategy it could have been podium... I guess I have to work more on my car. As always waiting for the next race!


Season 59, Race 5 (Montreal GP)

Started 13th and finished 6th. Great race, good result. I'm happy with it. I don't have anything else to say about this race. Waiting for the next one!


Season 59, Race 6 (Rafaela Oval GP)

Started 10th and finished 2nd. I was hoping for this result. The race strategy was on point and this track made many of my rivals to break down. Good thing that before this race I got my engine replaced. That is the biggest reason why I made my way up to 2nd place. Good luck for everyone in next race!


Season 59, Race 7 (Kyalami GP)

Started 8th and finished 6th. Another average result. This race was an opportunity for two podiums in the row, or maybe even a win. I was on point with the pace, but I miss calculated my tactic by two laps. If the rain had came two laps earlier I would have saved 1 stop and as we pit I would be on third place. We should have one more thing in mind. This race was my driver favourite. Even tho we scored strong 3 points it could have been 8 or even 10 points. Good luck everyone in the next race where tactics will play huge role.


Season 59, Race 8 (Sepang GP)

Started 11th and finished 9th. My risk failed this race. I started on rain tyres with hopes of reaching rain period quick. The rain didn't came as soon as a expected. My tyres got worn and i needed to change tyres to rain tyres again just before the rain period ended. Im really not happy with the result. But now i need to focus on my next race and try to stay in the cup by beating my Switz mate in the 3 upcoming races.


Season 59, Race 9 (Baku City GP)

Started 4th and finished 4th. Very Positive about this race. Good pace and everything felt just right. Tactics were on point and my driver did no mistakes. 1-0 in a cup rivalry. This gives me some space for mistakes and errors. Hope i can climb few spots up in the season table too. We will see :).


Season 59, Race 10 (Irungattukottai GP)

Started 7th and finished 7th. Engine failure led to this result in the race. I was 5th all the way up to the engine failure point. But the ending is happy anyways. I 100 percent secured my place in cup semi finals. Still got 2 points and now I'm up in the 6th place on the leader board. Now I'm generally waiting for my rivalry with my fellow racer from my country :). Hope it will be fun!


Season 59, Race 11 (Yeongam GP)

Started 6th and finished 3rd. First podium with two Lithuanians on it (at least for me). This track is most successful so far with two podiums on it (S55 and S59). It was a strong finish to a rivalry with Pinchera. It ended 3-0.


Season 59, Race 12 (Serres GP)

Started 6th and finished 2nd. This time I used a different tactic and it payed off really well. The pace was there for the most part of the race so I'm happy with that. The pit crew did not let me down this time with two solid pit stops. This podium gave me 1-0 lead in cup semi finals. It was second time in a row when there were two Lithuanians on podium just this time we swapped places. Sadly we could not get that top step. Let's hope that I can finish the rivalry in the next race.


Season 59, Race 13 (A1-Ring GP)

Started 4th and finished 4th. Snapped this rivalry with Artūras. Is it going to be 2 to 1 or 3 to 0 we don't know but it really doesn't change anything. No more comments about this race.


Season 59, Race 14 (Valencia GP)

Started 5th and finished 3rd. Podium seat to win rivalry with Artūras 3 to 0 felt really good. Looking out to win more podiums.


Season 59, Race 15 (Silverstone GP)

Started 4th and finished 3rd. Another 3rd place. After this race my rival got ahead 1 to 0 but before this rivalry stared I knew I wasn't even close to his pace.


Season 59, Race 16 (Grobnik GP)

Started 5th and finished 2nd. No comment about this race. The rivalry is 100 percent lost but the race result still fulfill my goals.


Season 59, Race 17 (Poznan GP)

Started 5th and finished 1st. What a lucky race. Everything fell into right places and I just snapped the promotion seat from Artūras. Next season is going to be very tough. Will start with around 17 million dollars... Main goal: stay in amateur.

------------------------NEW SEASON------------------------

Season 60, Race 1 (Hungaroring GP)

Started 29th and finished 31st. First race in ama. Very tough. Finished last because of miscalculation with tyres. Did 3 stop instead of 2 stop. hope I can improve from this point. I think my driver helped me reach this result because i was using my rookie driver still.


Season 60, Race 2 (Kaunas GP)

Started 31st and finished 29th. New driver improved results. Finished very close to my pack. 14th place was only 14 seconds ahead. So I'm in the play with the mid-field just still on the back foot. After this race I managed to join Lightning Hawks. SUPER! That team was my highest unreachable point but somehow it happened. Thanks to all the team members for making this possible. Looking forward next race. Hoping to get out of demotion seat.


Season 60, Race 3 (Jyllands-Ringen GP)

Started 27th and finished 16th. Did just that. Got out of the demotion seat and jumped to a mid-pack. I feel that I'm competitive enough to race with mid-pack. Then we got that in mind I think it wont be that hard to retain in ama. All my mind now goes to money management.


Season 60, Race 4 (Imola GP)

Started 29th and finished 29th. I'm very happy with my driver because he managed to loose none positions with a broken car. He almost got 2 positions higher, because I only missed out by two laps with rain tires on dry track.