Manager profiel: Roni Moura

GPRO Profiel

Wagen livery
Inter-Continental F1 Team (Team livery)
Naam:Roni Moura
Land: Brazilië
Speelt sinds:Nov 1, 2006
Laatste beweging: Okt 23 2021, 18:34:40
Forum berichten:2787  (Bekijk berichten)
GPRO Trofeeën: 0
Aantal GP's:7 (1211)
Punten behaald:0 (1763)
Overwinningen:0 (41)
Podiums:0 (146)
Pole posities:0 (39)
Snelste ronde:1 (33)
Gem pntn/wedstr.: 0 (1.46)
Certificatie: Deze manager heeft de GPRO certificatie test succesvol afgelegd! (Maa 18, 2007)

30% geopend

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Snelle feiten

Eerste GP: Seizoen 1, Race 15
Aantal keer ingelogd:14623
Tijd gespendeerd op GPRO:9039.4 uren
Geboortedatum: -
Status relatie:Getrouwd

Huidige staat

Groep:Pro - 22
Rangschikking seizoen:35
Balans: $?.???.???
Piloot: Masahiro Inoue (150)
Tech D: Arturo Adami (70)
Waarde personeel:34
Banden: Pipirelli
Teamnaam: Inter-Continental F1 Team


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Loopbaan van manager Roni Moura (Laatst aangepast: Sep 18 2012, 12:36:03)
My first season was a joke! I promoted with 16 points (3 races!!!). Well, i wish i had a full season in Rookie...
but didn't happened that way :(

Season 2 -> No excuses, i had no clue what i was doing. My experience from other games didn't help.

Season 3 -> Still no progress and no points but i was invited by Rodrigo Borges to join the Braziliam forum but my package was too poor to react at that point and i wasn't communicating much at the Braziliam forum.
I could only hope to stay for another boring season.

Season 4 -> Better. but made stupid experiments which led me to disaster and so i only managed to survive.
Indeed i played horrible, no excuses, i was doing my best but i guess i sucked.

Season 5 -> "Dedication is the key", thanks to the Braziliam forum, i finally got the hang of the game! Still a lot to learn though... Too many fuel miscalculations made my season a bit too bitter, but at last, the potential was there.

Season 6 -> My best Season of all and let me tell you, that Amateur 9 became a "Scam". Too many flooders :D
Anyways, the best thing is that i had a lot of fun with my new virtual friends.

Season 7 -> Season 7 was the Introduction of a new Master group (Master 4)...A very bizarre group consisting of Amateur managers with 1 single Elite manager in it and i happened to be there and did quite well. Oh, some of mine flooder friends came along.

Season 8 -> No activity on my part... I got 1 victory and decided to work on something new but the rest of my flooder friends from Amateur 9 came too and so we became the "number one flooders".

Season 9 -> Now that i have mastered this level, i'm investing heavily in my young cheap driver, testings and facilities but trying to promote at the same time even though it's impossible to do all at once but who knows...

Season 23 -> After 9 seasons retiriment, back to the game and learning everything over again.

Season 32 -> After struggling every season, i now find myself in Amateur 52 with promotion in the bag but not so optmistic about my chances in Pro level.