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Naam:Timothy Chase
Land: Verenigde Staten
Speelt sinds:Apr 28, 2009
Laatste beweging: Sep 13 2019, 08:25:18
Forum berichten:491  (Bekijk berichten)
GPRO Trofeeën: 0
Aantal GP's:0 (438)
Punten behaald:0 (971)
Overwinningen:0 (40)
Podiums:0 (85)
Pole posities:0 (46)
Snelste ronde:0 (21)
Gem pntn/wedstr.: - (2.22)
Certificatie: Deze manager heeft de GPRO certificatie test succesvol afgelegd! (Sep 23, 2011)

34% geopend

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Eerste GP: Seizoen 14, Race 8
Aantal keer ingelogd:11676
Tijd gespendeerd op GPRO:3757 uren
Geboortedatum: -
Status relatie:In een relatie

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Piloot: Geen
Tech D: Geen
Waarde personeel:0
Banden: blank
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Loopbaan van manager Timothy Chase (Laatst aangepast: Jul 13 2016, 21:48:58)
Team history:
I rejoined the game after long retirement the beginning of S26, after race 20 races back in S14 and S15! I then made the choice to join a team! Not even knowing what to look for in a GPRO team I picked Rookie Racers. S27 I had taken over the leadership role, and started to build the foundation of TEAM RR, but also building great friendship with many members of the team along the way. By S31 we were consistently a top 100 team with a best finish of 26th in S35 and saw our first Pro manager promote to Master. But by S37 things were falling apart and real life starting to creep in. By S41 I couldn't keep up leaving RR and retired.

S46 R6- I started a joint effort with the guys from American Rejects, lots motivation and quit.

S52 Start all over in rookie, saved American Rejects lll from liquidation and focused on new team project honoring the new Haas F1 team.

S53 Dominant promotion 15 wins,16 podiums,15 poles, and the cup too. Filled Haas Renegades with strong guys and finished the season 2nd of the American teams and only 126.84 points out of the top spot which we will achieve soon.

My Interview:

"The Last and The Curious" Episode 4 ft. Tim Chase