Porsche Performance

Peter MulhollandJesus JimenezBorut KrejacicJosep MeyerSergio TejeroBilly Van Der MerweThomas LaffertyMatthijs VreemanStephan Rookie

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Teamnaam: Porsche Performance
Website: https://www.porsche.com/...
Opgericht: Seizoen 39, Race 1
Teamtitels: 0
Gewonnen teambekers: 0
Aantal punten: 12,294.72
Gemiddelde punten/race: 18.54
Gemiddelde punten/seizoen: 315.25
Gemiddelde eindklassering: 235.33
Meeste punten in één race: 31.13 (Seizoen 51, Race 2)
Seizoensrangschikking: 288
Seizoenspunten: 0

19% geopend

Meeste leden in Elite: 0
Leden naar Elite gebracht: 0
Aantal races per klasse:
Totale resultaten:
Resultaten dit seizoen:
Aantal supporters: 4
Open plaatsen: 1


Pl. Nat Naam Groep Bijdrage
01. Peter Mulholland Amateur - 73 0% (2.9%)
02. Jesus Jimenez Amateur - 40 0% (7.3%)
03. Borut Krejacic Pro - 24 0% (11.6%)
04. Josep Meyer Rookie - 73 0% (2.8%)
05. Sergio Tejero Amateur - 64 0% (2.6%)
06. Billy Van Der Merwe Amateur - 88 0% (5.7%)
07. Thomas Lafferty Amateur - 91 0% (0.8%)
08. Matthijs Vreeman Amateur - 42 0% (1.3%)
09. Stephan Rookie Amateur - 49 0% (0.8%)


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Welcome to Porsche Performance.

Just like the famous automobile brand that inspired the team name, Porsche Performance is focussed on research and discovery in their pursuit of both individual and team accolades in the GPro paddock.

Founded by Roy Mitchell and Peter Kandel at the commencement of season 39, the team is built on core values of friendship, knowledge, positivity and persistence. Now in their 30th season, the team continues to share knowledge and assist one another in their pursuit of podiums, race wins, promotions and the ultimate goal - championships.

The team has, and continues to be characterized by players of varying levels of experience, from all nationalities located across all corners of the globe. The 50 players that have called team Porsche Performance home, have combined to secure over 250 wins and 740 podiums through all but the Elite class of competition racing. Season 70 finishing 67th in the end of season rankings.

The experience within the team is both comforting and inviting to new members, be it the helpful tips and advice from Borut Krejacic (+1037 races), Ángel Berrón and the use of Jesus Jimenez’s car set-up excel tool, or access to Peter Bright’s Porsche Performance livery.

GPro challenges us all in many different ways. We may not always win the race, though we usually tick the box marked fun, excitement, success and perhaps disappointment, a fleeting thought, as the next race is only a handful of days away, and with the opportunity for success.

At Porsche Performance we do things just a little bit differently.

Peter “Braveheart” Mulholland
Ángel "Most Wanted" Berrón
Jesus “Frijolito” Jimenez
Borut “Turbo” Krejacic
Josep "El Profesor" Meyer
Sergio "The locomotive" Tejero
Billy Van Der Werwe
Thomas Lafferty
Matthijs Vreeman
Stephan Rookie