Italian Academy

Simone BertolottoGiulio TarquiniPaolo BonoraAndrea CussighMatteo BernardiDamiano FiorettiValerio MorroneAlessandro AielloDaniele PavanEnzo Di Meo

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Teamnaam: Italian Academy
Website: Geen
Opgericht: Seizoen 17, Race 1
Teamtitels: 0
Gewonnen teambekers: 0
Aantal punten: 10,891.59
Gemiddelde punten/race: 10.48
Gemiddelde punten/seizoen: 178.21
Gemiddelde eindklassering: 444.25
Meeste punten in één race: 26.87 (Seizoen 76, Race 8)
Seizoensrangschikking: 200
Seizoenspunten: 35.6667

5% geopend

Meeste leden in Elite: 0
Leden naar Elite gebracht: 0
Aantal races per klasse:
Totale resultaten:
Resultaten dit seizoen:
Aantal supporters: 2
Open plaatsen: 0


Pl. Nat Naam Groep Bijdrage
01. Simone Bertolotto Amateur - 53 17.9% (8%)
02. Giulio Tarquini Amateur - 3 3.4% (12.8%)
03. Paolo Bonora Amateur - 77 8.2% (1.9%)
04. Andrea Cussigh Pro - 9 16.8% (3.1%)
05. Matteo Bernardi Pro - 24 17.9% (2.4%)
06. Damiano Fioretti Rookie - 66 7.7% (1.3%)
07. Valerio Morrone Rookie - 120 8.6% (1%)
08. Alessandro Aiello Rookie - 140 3.6% (0.6%)
09. Daniele Pavan Rookie - 4 9.9% (0.5%)
10. Enzo Di Meo Amateur - 65 6% (0.5%)


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Made in Italy.

We're people who plays for fun and always want to learn something more.
We don't force anyone to share data (you are free to do whatever you like) or to enter every race (sometimes it can happen to skip a race... we all have real life too). Only if you skip more than 3 consecutive race we will start to think to kick you out.
Everyone is welcome but we would like to speak Italian inside this team, so it's better if you speak Italian.

Actual members:
- Simone "Silversoul" Bertolotto
- Giulio "The crazy veteran" Tarquini
- Andrea Cussigh
- Paolo Bonora
- Matteo "Il bradipo" Bernardi
- Damiano Fioretti
- Valerio Morrone
- Alessandro "Il predestinato bevitore" Aiello
- Daniele "Lumachina" Pavan
- Enzo Di Meo

Forever member:
- Cristian "Cecio" Bardi
Thank you for your time with our team, hope that you're in a better place now. R.I.P.

A story long 57 season
Season 17: Born as Italian Team thanks to Simone Furlanis
Season 22: Name changed to MiT, with Fabrizio Rimoldi who takes leadership
Season 26: Full house; all 10 spots filled for the first time
Season 31: Best placement at the end of the season (272)
Season 32: Name changed in Team Fulmini Tricolori
Season 65: Giulio Tarquini becomes the team leader
Season 67: Simone Bertolotto becomes the new team leader
Season 69: Name changed to Italian Academy, a new adventure begins
Season 76: Most points in a season (335,9997), in a race (26,87) and Best placement at the end of the season (140)

Special thanks to Fabrizio Rimoldi, Fabrizio Galasso and Marco Lauria who were the foundation of the team for many years and thanks to everyone who have contributed to this team!
We aren't a top team but with our passion we have always gone on.