The Hesketh Experience

Richard HylandsJohan SwanepoelCraig WilsonElvis GiudiciAdam Berrisford

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Teamnaam: The Hesketh Experience
Website: Geen
Opgericht: Seizoen 19, Race 1
Teamtitels: 0
Gewonnen teambekers: 0
Aantal punten: 16,607.01
Gemiddelde punten/race: 16.54
Gemiddelde punten/seizoen: 281.19
Gemiddelde eindklassering: 265.58
Meeste punten in één race: 34.13 (Seizoen 27, Race 14)
Seizoensrangschikking: 489
Seizoenspunten: 6.7334

19% geopend

Meeste leden in Elite: 0
Leden naar Elite gebracht: 0
Aantal races per klasse:
Totale resultaten:
Resultaten dit seizoen:
Aantal supporters: 1
Open plaatsen: 5


Pl. Nat Naam Groep Bijdrage
01. Richard Hylands Amateur - 18 41.6% (3.6%)
02. Johan Swanepoel Rookie - 12 29.7% (0.4%)
03. Craig Wilson Rookie - 136 18.8% (0.3%)
04. Elvis Giudici Rookie - 83 9.9% (0.3%)
05. Adam Berrisford Rookie - 80 0% (0.3%)


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Welcome to The Hesketh Experience

The Hesketh of old was created as a tribute to the late James Hunt, world champion in 1976, who raced for Lord Hesketh's team over a number of seasons and formulas and ending up bloodying the noses of the big boys in formula 1 before the team imploded!

This team has evolved through many forms. While there are no original Exiles left this team was once part of a huge multi-team enterprise and that knowledge has been retained. We now favour the quiet, yet determined, life while retaining the old Hesketh values. We have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and data over the years and have enjoyed a great deal of success on the track.

Once a Hesketeer, Always a Hesketeer!

Free feel to apply to join if you are a former Hesketh member, a follower, a fan of the great James Hunt or a GPRO'er that starts every race but seeks a team for support not pressure.

Please note however...

• We only race for Fun!
• We know what we're doing
• We will always help out if you need it
• We give zero fucks about any sort of ambition
• We put no demands on team involvement or activity
• And we absolutely do not require anyone to Pay-to-Play!

Please send a PM to the team leader with some info about yourself before making an application. An introduction message is required so applications without one will be rejected.

Thanks for visiting!