Lightning Hawks

Derek LunnonSam WrycraftHenrikas SvidrasDan ReedMantas SestokasJosé BolívarArnoldas ArnisgdVilius CeponisLukas Giniotis

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Teamnaam: Lightning Hawks
Website: Geen
Opgericht: Seizoen 20, Race 8
Teamtitels: 0
Gewonnen teambekers: 0
Aantal punten: 19,390.86
Gemiddelde punten/race: 19.79
Gemiddelde punten/seizoen: 336.37
Gemiddelde eindklassering: 164.19
Meeste punten in één race: 38.67 (Seizoen 64, Race 15)
Seizoensrangschikking: 52
Seizoenspunten: 27.3334

19% geopend

Meeste leden in Elite: 0
Leden naar Elite gebracht: 0
Aantal races per klasse:
Totale resultaten:
Resultaten dit seizoen:
Aantal supporters: 9
Open plaatsen: 1


Pl. Nat Naam Groep Bijdrage
01. Derek Lunnon Amateur - 90 14.6% (7%)
02. Sam Wrycraft Pro - 23 19.8% (5.3%)
03. Henrikas Svidras Pro - 21 3.7% (4.2%)
04. Dan Reed Pro - 24 13.2% (3.8%)
05. Mantas Sestokas Amateur - 74 4.4% (2.5%)
06. José Bolívar Amateur - 19 3.9% (1.9%)
07. Arnoldas Arnisgd Amateur - 21 11.2% (1.7%)
08. Vilius Ceponis Amateur - 13 13.2% (1.2%)
09. Lukas Giniotis Pro - 18 16.1% (0.8%)


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Lightning Hawks is an English speaking team created in season 20 by Dan Reed.

Our dedicated team is committed to having fun and learning together with the aim of being a successful team with ambitions to be at the top of the rankings.

If a space in our team becomes available we would be looking for experienced, preferably supporter managers who will participate in all races and are willing to communicate and share race strategy, testing, staff and suggestions through our team forum.

A PM to any member of the team before applying please.

We would ask:
What you can offer us as a team member?
What you expect from us as a team?
What are your long term plans?

We can offer:
Help and guidance from experienced team members.
Shared data and calculators.
A friendly atmosphere and a willingness to help.

Current team members:

Derek Lunnon..........S39 2013. Current Team Leader.
Sam Wrycraft...........S46 2015.
Henrikas Svidras.......S57 2017.
Dan Reed.....Founder S20 2010 and re-joined in S65 2018.
Mantas Sestokas.......S67 2018
Jose Bolivar..............S68 2018/19
Arnoldas Arnisgd-----S70 2019
Vilius Ceponis---------S72 2019
Lukas Giniotis---------S75 2020

Season 75 Achievements:
This season saw 76 top ten places of which 32 of them were podiums shared by 9 members Lukas 15, Vilius 8, Dan 3, Henrikas, Arnoldas, Mantas, Jose, myself and Will had 1 each.
End of season finish - 70th. Was in the 60's throughout the season until the last few races but moving in the right direction toward our target of top 50 and beyond.
We had 2 promotion to Pro, Lukas and Vilius.
A very good season and in the right direction for a top spot in the future.

Season 76 Achievements:
The team finished this season in 73rd place which has been a consistent top 100 for the last 3 seasons and moving in the right direction for the top 50.
We had 77 top ten finishes which included 26 podiums from 5 members, Dan, Sam, Henrikas, Lukas and Jose.
3 promotions to Pro this season. Well done to Dan, Sam and Henrikas and well done to the whole team for a good season. Good luck for season 77.

Season 77 Achievements:
A good team performance this season finishing 124th which is a fair result considering very few were pushing for promotion, so work to do this season. We saw 50 top ten places of which 10 of them were podiums shared by 5 members Will 4, Lukas 1, Derek 3, Henrikas 1 and Dan 1.
The only promotion this season was Will to Pro.
Looking forward to season 78 and hopefully a top 50 finish.