Rothmans Racing Team

Emy VasilovErmenegildo MorelliGiacomo LittieriEgi GodStefan WrightJimi CantariniLorenzo BiniPasquale Amitrano

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Teamnaam: Rothmans Racing Team
Website: Geen
Opgericht: Seizoen 23, Race 1
Teamtitels: 0
Gewonnen teambekers: 0
Aantal punten: 11,987.30
Gemiddelde punten/race: 12.82
Gemiddelde punten/seizoen: 217.95
Gemiddelde eindklassering: 362.86
Meeste punten in één race: 33.80 (Seizoen 51, Race 13)
Seizoensrangschikking: 302
Seizoenspunten: 0

19% geopend

Meeste leden in Elite: 1 (Seizoen 47, Race 1)
Leden naar Elite gebracht: 1
Aantal races per klasse:
Totale resultaten:
Resultaten dit seizoen:
Aantal supporters: 2
Open plaatsen: 2


Pl. Nat Naam Groep Bijdrage
01. Emy Vasilov Amateur - 15 0% (4.9%)
02. Ermenegildo Morelli Amateur - 34 0% (0.6%)
03. Giacomo Littieri Amateur - 31 0% (0.5%)
04. Egi God Amateur - 69 0% (0.4%)
05. Stefan Wright Rookie - 76 0% (0.5%)
06. Jimi Cantarini Amateur - 28 0% (0.4%)
07. Lorenzo Bini Rookie - 61 0% (0.3%)
08. Pasquale Amitrano Rookie - 61 0% (0.2%)


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*Rothmans Racing Team*

In the beginning Vlad created the cars and the tracks. And the tracks were without form, and void; and darkness was on the face of the deep. And the Spirit of Vlad moved on the face of the waters. And Vlad said, Let there be FOBY: and there was FOBY.

Many seasons passed. The trees changed their clothes multiple times. Then, suddenly there was a storm. A lost pack of cigarettes was struck by a red lightning.

Once the flames and smokes dissipated, a brand new GPRO car was standing there. Four guys (Carlos, Guillaume, Paulo and Ivelin) found it. And that's how Rothmans Racing was created.

Rothmans Racing was established at the start of S23 by Carlos Estima. The team is the result of the separation of Atlantic Racing.

We have free spots.

We search for managers who
- want to improve their performance
- drove at least one complete season
- are able to communicate in english
- we share our data
- we are willing to share our experience

We have experiences in all levels.

If you want, sent a message to one of us.