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Nome:Ľubomír Štec
País: Eslováquia
Ingresso:1 Jun, 2011
Última interação: 31 Dec 2018, 15:58:45
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Primeiro GP: T 25, C 13
Número de entradas:8249
Tempo gasto no GPRO:9252.5 horas
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Carreira de Ľubomír Štec (Última atualização: 2 Jun 2016, 00:58:32)
Season 52 - After fail in Master I had to earn money in the first place but Avonns didnt help me much and had to fight for points in the last races which cost me another money but on the other hand it was finally quite a calm and ease season ;)

Season 51 - First time in Master so first time new challenge that I failed to handle :/ Mistake in tyre choice didn´t allow any good result to retain in the group even I had a very good driver, it was still not enough. That trip cost me a lot of money so I must prepare much better next time ;)

Absolutely ,,awesome" season 50:
THANK YOU GPRO FOR ALL THESE RANDOMS, DRIVER MISTAKES, START ACCIDENTS, START MISTAKES, HIGHER TYRE WEAR(then expected) in Paul Ricard,HIGHER FUEL CONSUMPTION(then expected) in Mexico City and RANDOM in just 11 races so I just want to believe that I took all the pity for the next 5 seasons....

Season 37 - I was preparing to next season. Everything was good and I was absolutely satisfied.

Season 38 - It is the worst season I´ve ever experienced but from a half of the season it looks much better :)

,,11 seasons behind and there is a lot of things to learn about. This game is really fascinating with so much surprises."

Season 40 - very awesome season in group with perfect and so much skilled people. Achieved new experience again.

Season 41 - I didn´t fulfill my expectations and I missed 2 races after my 10 full seasons in a row and finally I got some points with good results in the end of the season...but it could be much more better and I could easily promote to Master.

Season 43 - Nice competitive group of perfect managers I met and I fought against them. Too much better then catastrophy season before :/

Season 44 - Driving just for fun but a little bit time to play :/
Season 48 - I think I had a luck in the end of the season despite on the unlucky throughout the season :/ and I think I have never ever before experienced so much frustration and anger like in the S48...I want to forget about it very quickly :)

Season 49 - Plan was renew driver´s contract what was succesful but too close to OA, then get some points with one FT where I was hoping for podium but I wasn´t able to get through other drivers with DMs I got only 6th positon....finally I got enough points for retain so I could smoke out last 4 races in the season and save some more money to next season ;)