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Nome:Ryan Jones
País: França
Ingresso:16 Out, 2020
Última interação: Ontem às 14:09:56
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Primeiro GP: T 78, C 10
Número de entradas:685
Tempo gasto no GPRO:228 horas
Data de nascimento: -
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Grupo:Rookie - 87
Dinheiro: $??.???.???
Piloto: Andy Carroll (93)
Diretor T: Nenhum
Total do pessoal:2
Pneus: Pipirelli
Nome da Equipe: -
Posição da equipe:0
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Carreira de Ryan Jones (Última atualização: 20 Out 2022, 11:59:07)
Came to the game, no points in season 78. Brilliant in qualifying in season 79, best 4th, worst 11th, but best finishing position 8th, worst second to last, with fellow manager Bruno Leandro almost never doing better than last. Total three points in S79, one with driver Damien Calado and two points with driver Adrian Pryce. Car problems were frequent. At the start of season 80, mistake, accidentally started on Rain tyres, finished last. Race 2 and I had an OK quali, was on target to finish 7th, but pit stop with two laps to go sent my driver, Lewis Clucas, to 11th. Then something miraculous happened. S80 Race 3 at Valencia, I set my car part levels to coordinate with the Acceleration-based track. Guess what? I got my first-ever pole position. Not a great race, though. Lewis Clucas finished 5th. Still my record points for a race and already beaten my record for most points in a season. Next race front wing broke (somehow) and ended 2nd to last, after starting in 4th. Next race started 4th - which I did many times in S79 - but finished on the podium for the first time! I could've come 2nd if it weren't for the stupid fuel but I'm very happy with the result. My consecutive points-per-race run started, and during the season I achieved a podium in race 10 at Austin, and I'm able to manage fuel use better now. Clucas has had 250 motivation level for so long now. Ended the season 5th with 48 points and the consecutive points scoring run still going. S81 R3: FIRST WIN!! Damn, I'm so happy! I had a really close battle with my American friend Whit Watlington - I was on a two stop strat, he was on one stop - but I came out on top (probably because of the tyres I was on but we'll gloss over that). Rocketing up to third in the championship. The season was tough. Despite 2 further podiums, achieving my most successful season to date, my consecutive points-per-race still going, and being the only team principal to finish in the points every race that season, I came 6th that season with my Mooncraft Racing team mate Giovann Dima 5th, a considerable improvement to his previous season. For season 82, breaking news: I signed Damien Calado again, they were 82 ovr at the time. 4 races in and this season is going to be harder than I thought. several game returnees, drivers from amateur and rookies who are all of a sudden good (like Giovann). I forgot to participate in race 3, and in race 4 I finished outside the points, ending my almost 2 season long points run. If I'm to get promoted to Amateur this season, it's a miracle, because this is the hardest promotion push season I've had so far. In race 9, I had the first car problem in over a season (excluding punctures) but thankfully didn't affect my race, not that it was going well. Come race 10 I was already on negative money balance, having broken the bank simply to keep up with the rest of the field. At this stage I didn't know whether my driver was the problem or the faster drivers were the problem. Finished the season 13th with 8 points and a best result of 6th. 1/2-2/3 of Season 83 took place while I was on hols so I signed a driver at an emergency time, frequently missed races leading to my sacking from Mooncraft Racing Team and had disappointing races after great quali. A season I'd like to forget. Finished 15th with 6 points and a best finish of 5th but with just 2 points finishes. It was time for a fresh start. I qualified 3rd for race 1 of Season 84 at Turkey, the very place I won my first GP, and for once I put up a dominating performance, led the race and my driver, Eddie Kerr. held it together with no mistakes, not to forget he's got 17 reputation. A slow pit stop of 30 seconds pushed me down to 4th, and Kerr held the position till the end. Sadly, the following race performances did not match that of race on. Qualified 5th and 3rd for race two and three, but tyres running out on 2nd to last lap of the race pushed me outside the points. The drivers in Rookie 87 (yep I'm still there) were so close in quali and just being 2 seconds off the pace could put me outside the top 8. My finish positions alternated between 13th and 14th. After race three it took me 5 races to qualify in the top 8 and in that race, the 'fuel pump was malfunctioning and had to be checked out', denying me potential points. I was getting annoyed. I had a championship winning car and I wasn't getting the performances my driver and I deserved, particularly for his reputation. But then race 9 came along. Mexico City, one of Kerr's 3 favourite tracks, 2 of which featured in season 84. I qualified within a second of pole for once although when Kerr was 'satisfied with the setup', it wasn't his best lap. I'd to lower the wing settings. Typical, he's only got 74 technical insight. Started 5th on the grid, fine. But the race. Well, let's just say the rain ruined the strategy. Finished 9th. At Kerr's second favourite track, Serres, I chose a 1-stop strategy which seemed to work with other managers. Come the finish line Kerr had lost 4 positions to his grid position yet others on the same strat gained and were in the points. What was I doing wrong? Here's where I considered quitting GPRO. Why was nothing - NOTHING - going my way? How come race 1 is outstanding yet the rest of the season is worse than committing suicide after depression? Well the good news is I finally gained points in Bremgarten, coming home in 6th. Rest of the season was a shambles, including last place in R17. Finished the season 14th with just 8 points. Couldn't be bothered to talk about season 85, was my first season with no points since Season 78. It was so bad my driver didn't even bother improving to over 85 Overall. So much that I signed him for season 86. Bruh, right? Another shambolic season, the best finish that season was P9. Quali for race 1 of the following season seemed hopeful, although still rubbish. In Q1, it seemed like my new driver, a Brit with a Greek name, spun out at a corner as he ended up 9 seconds off the pace, putting me P15. Because I was so far behind the rest of the pack, my Q2 time wasn't fast enough to move out of that position. On the other hand, the Q2 time showed promise in the driver and the car. Came P7 just over 1.5 seconds off the leader. Clearly my driver had the talent to finally get some points finishes, and shine where my previous driver couldn't. Then, a lightning start in the race shot my driver up to P9 by the 1st round of pits. He continued rapid pace up the field and came P3 at the end of the race! Turn of fortune, perhaps? Let's just say no. Finished the season P12 with the podium being one of just 3 race finishes that season. For season 88, I found that Damien Calado hadn't retired yet at the age of 36. Although they (yes I still don't know what gender Damien is) were just 69 ovr, this was my chance to sign them for a 3rd time. The season was boring, finished 15th with no points, a best grid position of 11th and a best finish of 9th, which was at the last race of the season. Still in Rookie 87 and over 10 seasons on from debut, I decided that if I finished season 89 with no points, I'd quit GPro. Damien Calado hadn't ascertained 85 ovr yet so I was able to sign them again. Which reluctantly I did. Somehow though I qualified P3 in Q1 and P8 in Q2 at the Slovakiaring to start race 1 in 7th. I was running in 6th in the race until with just a few laps to go my driver pit for a second time costing me a points finish. Finished P8 and 7 in rounds 7 and 17 at Monza and Melbourne (where I had my joint best grid position of 6th). Finished S89 in P11, with 3 points from 11 races. Full credit to Giannese Cristian who finished on the podium in all 17 races on his way to 1st in Rookie 87. For S90 I hired Andy Carroll (yes, another Brit) who seemed decent). Again. I decided that if I finished the season with no points I'd leave GPro.