march racing

James BourkeAitor Larrarte ArceTiago PereiraFoxter BlejkJosé SantosMiguel QueirozBill JebKeyaan AhmadLuke Crossan

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Nome da Equipe: march racing
Website da equipe: Nenhum
Fundada: Temp 2, Corrida 1
Campeonatos: 1
Vitórias na taça: 0
Total de pontos: 9,495.97
Média de pontos/corrida: 7.69
Média de pontos/temporada: 130.71
Posição de classificação média: 565.03
Mais pontos marcados em uma corrida: 60.40 (Temp 16, Corrida 6)
Posição na temporada: 471
Pontos na temporada: 77.0002
Realizações da equipe:

48% desbloqueado

Maior número de membros na Elite: 4 (Temp 10, Corrida 1)
Membros que chegaram a Elite: 5
Número de corridas nas classes:
Resultados acumulados:
Resultados essa temporada:
Número de Apoiadores: 2
Lugares disponíveis: 1

Membros da Equipe

Lugar Nac Nome do Gerente Grupo Contribuição
01. James Bourke Amateur - 7 17.7% (2.7%)
02. Aitor Larrarte Arce Rookie - 31 18.6% (3.1%)
03. Tiago Pereira Amateur - 56 9.5% (0.4%)
04. Foxter Blejk Amateur - 24 0.7% (0.5%)
05. José Santos Rookie - 81 17.1% (0.5%)
06. Miguel Queiroz Rookie - 150 16.9% (0.1%)
07. Bill Jeb Rookie - 129 15% (0.1%)
08. Keyaan Ahmad Rookie - 63 0% (0%)
09. Luke Crossan Rookie - 66 4.5% (0%)

Logo da Equipe

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MARCH RACING is a newly formed team in 2011, will be held as international as possible, this season (25), we are running just rookies, then only time will tell when we go higher up.
I who founded the team (Peter Wiklund) is an avid F1 fan, especially 1970's F1, when the teams ran just as they are made in this game.


After our founder Peter Wiklund left the team in the middle of last season (Season 41) I (Marcus Fromm) am the new leader of the team and after finishing the season decided to accept new members from this season on.

I'm not a pro player, but got a bit experience already and can provide at least a bit of advice for new players.
The fun of playing together is what's at the top of the agenda though^^

Feel free to apply :)