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Jméno:Damiano Fioretti
Země: Itálie
Vstoupil:Listopad 6, 2016
Poslední interakce: Včera v 23:48:14
Příspěvky na Fóru:2  (Zobrazit příspěvky)
GPRO Trofeje: 0
Počet GP:5 (262)
Dosažené body:0 (421)
Výhry:0 (10)
Stupně vítězů:0 (30)
Pole pozice:0 (4)
Nejrychlejší kola:0 (11)
Průměr bodů/závod: 0 (1.61)
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Rychlá fakta

První GP: Sezóna 55, Závod 16
Počet přihlášení:4181
Čas strávený na GPRO:991.4 hodiny
Datum narození: -
Místo narození:-
Stav vztahu:-

Přehled herních dat

Skupina:Amateur - 48
Pozice v sezóně:20
Peníze: $??.???.???
Jezdec: Jean-Marc Streiff (112)
Tech. Řed.: Žádný
Zaměstnanci celkem:28
Pneumatiky: Pipirelli
Jméno týmu: The Legend of Gilles
Týmové pořadí:296
Týmové body:70.6664


Lucrent Technologies (A64) - 9 závodů
Walt Dismey (A64) - 20 závodů
Fijutsu (A64) - 18 závodů
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Kariera manažera Damiano Fioretti (Poslední aktualizace: 27 Červen 2019, 22:07:59)
Season 70: We failed... . But we will be more prepared next time!!
We lost Renzo Zorzi (ID=7001) and we engajed Juan Tuero (ID=8113) and then Yann Pilet (ID=21108) for the Amateur...

Season 69: Goal achieved!!!! GO TO PRO!!!!

Season 68: We are in the right way! It was another season of sacrifice. But WE CAN DO IT!

Season 67: ...BUT! if we want to look far... We engajed Renzo Zorzi (ID=7001) and we plan our future. LET'S GO!!!

Season 66: We are going in the right way! Graham Tandy (ID=22557) is an excellent driver, above all expectations!!! I have big projects for next seasons! Let's go!

Season 65: It's the last season with Alessandro Del Monte (ID=14171), for the last gp i engajed Borja Perez-Sala (ID=10305), it was my fault beacuse I offered a long contact. In this Season I improved the car and now I need a good driver.

Season 64: It was a profit season. The balance is very positive. I'll try to hold my driver too the next season and then stop.
In this season I started investing in the car and I'll continue to do this and other!!!
I always rejoice my team that help me in everything!!! THANKS, VERY THANKS!!!! :):)

Season 63: Finally I found a good financial balance, maybe I could try to aim higher than last season. I still hold Alessandro Del Monte (ID=14171) for the season 64 and the next one.
... I just have to be careful with the sponsors... ... .

Season 62: After the failure in Pro, i return back about 4-5 seasons. My main target in Amateur - 118 was make cash. But i failed too this. I cut a lot of things, like car, facilities, driver... .
My driver is the italian Alessandro Del Monte (ID=14171) and he remains with me for an other season. My new target for the next season is to find a good financial balance. I'm feel me ready for this! We can do it!!! Go!!! Let's go!!!

Season 61: For the group Pro we tried the salvation, but we failed. We engajed a pilot cheaper than previous season: Bruno Giovanardi (ID=14309). The group Pro is very tough. if you are not well prepared, you can not get salvation. I changed too the team "The Legend of Gilles" (TeamId=1236), that is help me a lot to learn new strategies, but I didn't readt for this... .
Now let's start form group Amateur - 118!! We have to prepare for good for the group Pro in the coming seasons!!!

Season 60: We are celebrating promotion!!! This season has been rich in successes!!! We have invested in new things and have seen the results!!! We had hired a new pilot for this season only (Enrique Andrade (ID=24666)). I do not know what to expect next season, but we will go to salvation!!

Season 59: We are becoming more and more competitive! We also got the fourth place. Investments were just!!! The driver, Alex Lancaster, was in great shape. But i don't know if we can keep him for another season for rules... .

Season 58: I conquered my first point in Amateur!!! I love my driver Alex Lancaster (ID=22016), I hope he will stay with us again and I want to bet high next season!

Season 57: This has been a quiet season , because there were a lot of inactive players. I engaged a new driver in this season: Alex Lancaster (ID=22016). I could achieve salvation with him.
For the next season, I expect a season more difficult. I have accumulated a lot of money to invest for the car and my team. I don't know yet if I'll engage a new driver or not, but certainly I bring improvements on it... .

Season 56: I engaged the first woman driver Divina Trimmer (ID=3847) and I used her for continue my test and after six track, I changed my drvier. I engaged the Spanish driver Luis García (ID=10213). I started to get some good successes with him. Pole, 1st position, hattrick,... . And he brought me the promotion in Amateur!!! I'm elated for this, but also fearful. I don't know if I'm good to remain in Amateur, but I will try it!!! Let's go to Amateur!!
In this season, I joined into a team with my friends "Old School Riders" to make the experience in gpro even more fun!!

Season 55: I joined on "Rookie - 295" when there were only 2 races remaining, so I could only try to train myself on auto settings and to study my race's strategies. I engaged the promising French driver Luc Pironi (ID=30814) that unfortunately I could't hold it for the next season. I obtained the second place of the podium with him in first track of my career. It's really a shame that he will be no present with me in the next season... . I hope to engage another promising driver for the next season and I hope to be competitive in the next championship!! I'm ready for this!!!