Team Edifice

James HitchenRafael MantovaniIoannis DimitroglouGary MullinsTheodosis VogiatzisFrederico NevesPeter ThompsonErik HarkenAhmet Sonverdi

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Jméno týmu: Team Edifice
Internetové stránky týmu: Žádný
Založen: Sezóna 23, Závod 12
Mistrovství: 8
Vítězství v poháru: 8
Celkový počet bodů: 41,948.39
Průměr bodů/závod: 36.80
Průměr bodů / sezónu: 625.55
Průměrná pozice v pořadí: 28.90
Nejvíce bodů získaných v jednom závodě: 63.80 (Sezóna 54, Závod 13)
Pozice v sezóně: 92
Body v sezóně: 267.7335
Týmové úspěchy:

67% odemčeno

Nejvíce manažerů v Elite: 5 (Sezóna 40, Závod 1)
Členové přivedeni do skupiny Elite: 12
Závodů zastoupených v:
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Stupně vítězů:2215(19.5%)
Výsledky v této sezóně:
Stupně vítězů:9
Počet fanoušků: 6
Volná místa: 0 (Žádosti nepřijímány)

Členové týmu

Místo Nár. Jméno manažera Skupina Příspěvek
01. James Hitchen Amateur - 26 5.1% (2%)
02. Rafael Mantovani Pro - 7 9.6% (9.8%)
03. Ioannis Dimitroglou4 Elite 0% (10.7%)
04. Gary Mullins Master - 2 20.6% (8.3%)
05. Theodosis Vogiatzis Pro - 21 13.9% (3.2%)
06. Frederico Neves1 Pro - 17 8.4% (1.8%)
07. Peter Thompson Pro - 21 6.9% (5.3%)
08. Erik Harken Master - 3 11.1% (1.2%)
09. Ahmet Sonverdi Pro - 2 24.5% (4.3%)

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'So what is Team Edifice all about?' you ask, steepling your fingers and refilling your ample glass.

And, after our surprise that you have four arms has worn off, we respond:

The concept of Edifice could not be simpler. It is a notion unsurpassed in coherence and intelligibility, utterly bereft of complication and obfuscation. To attempt an explanation of such a rudimentary system is to risk condescension, but we undertake to discharge this duty with concision and precision. We will shun the arcane and the recondite, avoid clichés like the plague and certainly, definitely abstain from tautology. Lend us your optical organs for but a few moments, and we will deliver unto you a definitive definition free from pleonasm and suffused with verisimilitude.

Fine, we see you thinking, but is understanding not dependent upon both transmitter and receiver? Naturally our elucidation will be somewhat hampered if you only speak Swahili, but since you were thinking in English all we can say to that is tembo kijani hawana haja ranges nywele. So, with that last concern vanquished, let us begin.

Edifice is an idea, an aspiration, a 'meta' team, if you will. It combines the best of democracy (often switching leader to no discernible effect) with the worst of Christmas dinner at your uncle's house (interesting smells, dashed expectations and ranting lunatics). Audio is supplied by Rebecca Black, visuals by Hieronymus Bosch. Hang on though, we hear you miming, is 'meta' used in this context to infer that Edifice was created as a lens through which to observe the shortcomings of other teams? Or to subvert the notion of teamwork, perhaps acknowledging the cyclical nature of the game and, indeed, life itself, and the inherent futility of cooperation on any endeavour not predicated upon enrichment of the spirit?

For which we turn to our own meta-joke Peter Thompson for an answer:

'I'm sorry, I've had a few. What was the question?'

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