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Name:Mike Bell
Land: England
Beigetreten:Mär 14, 2010
Letzte Interaktion: heute um 13:20:58
Forum Einträge:251  (Einträge aufrufen)
GPRO Meisterschaften: 0
Anzahl GPs:6 (290)
Erzielte Punkte:22 (474)
Siege:1 (9)
Podien:2 (38)
Pole Positions:1 (7)
Schnellste Rennrunden:0 (4)
Ø Pkt/GP: 3.67 (1.63)
Zertifikat: Dieser Manager hat den GPRO Zertifikat-Test erfolgreich bestanden! (Aug 22, 2020)

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Erster GP: Saison 19, Rennen 2
Anzahl Logins:4904
Zeit auf GPRO verbracht:1326.6 Stunden
Geburtsdatum: -

Game data overview

Gruppe:Amateur - 59
Geld: $??.???.???
Fahrer: Ryan Busch (136)
Tech D: Keine
Reifen: Pipirelli
Teamname: Smile Power Racing
Team position:132


Emirates Airways (A59) - 16 Rennen
L'Orial (A59) - 8 Rennen
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Karriere von Mike Bell (Letzte Aktualisierung: Nov 16 2021, 15:50:31)
Kart racer on a budget, 4th Place UK National Champs 2021, Seeded 3rd UK 2021, 2nd place Club Champs 2019 2020 2021, 2nd place UK National Champs 2020, Seeded 4th UK 2020, 5th place in UK National Championships 2019, 8th place in UK National Championships 2018.

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Silly Games Accolades

Survivor S1 - Sole Survivor

season 19:
started ok with a few good finishes and with 3 different drivers [first one diddent use second was useless] the third one came good and got 13 points all season and a podium in the last race

season 20:

now driving for united gp my results have improved drasticly
great first race gome from 14th to 4th to score 5 points
race 2: nailbiting race between me and n.petrovic th whole way
0.7 between us in qually and i got the better start but i pitted 3 times and they were all pretty slow and i was in traffic and such so was 1 min behind when he had his 3rd stop and that closed the gap to 11 seconds.
i was realising i was gonna get 2nd then he pitted for some starange reason with 3 laps to go allowing me to pick up my 1st win on gpro from 2nd on the grid

yay through to round 2 of cup and i can relax now cuz i got a bye to round 3 with some money to back my cup challange

finished s20 in 6th

season 21:

ok start with a 3rd and a 2nd [0.125 behind ludwig deleersyder] were the high poins - resulst began to slip and slip but last race i got a point back - have to finish strongly to get up into ametuer

season 22: new driver - new strategy - and a double bye in the cup

started with a 2nd and 4th so quite good

game on

season 22 i was secured promotion in the last race because my rivals were too far of or didnt enter the race - was 4tyh overall without a race win and in style i picked up a win in the last race when i was garuanteed promotion

bring on amatuer

double 32nd - 21st - 28th leave me in 29th - could and should have saved more money from rookie to help my badly worn parts - now driving for rothmans racing i hope i can score a couple points and retain group

Season 76, back in after a 50+ season Hiatus, stuck it on pole before a T1 crash in race 1 was a great welcome back. Consistantly challenging for top 5 positions and podiums, gunning for a promotion to Amateur first try back.

Season 76 update, promotion secured and took a 2-0 lead in the cup final to win my first thing on GPro :) Far more prepared for amateur this time around, 54 seasons later.

Season 77 and back up to Amateur, this seasons goal, first Am points and survival.

S77 Update, not going well, am drowning, send help! :(

S77 final update, managed to survive on 0 points with a best finish of 10th in the final race, time to try and get a points run going!

Season 78, First race, First Am point, awesome! :D

S78 update, got another points finish and remarkably took a first Am win at Osterreichring, should be a safe retention but aiming for a cup run.

S78 Final update, Retention secured, now begins the task of 'fixing' eco, aim for next season is to survive with some cash.

S80 - Was attempting to use this season to get some economy back, but picked up a points streak and some podiums, so tried to go for promotion, managed to secure it by winning the final 2 races on the bounce. I'm goin to Pro!