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Name:Lee Bull
Land: England
Beigetreten:Mai 13, 2010
Letzte Interaktion: Nov 17 2017, 20:33:24
Forum Einträge:308  (Einträge aufrufen)
GPRO Meisterschaften: 0
Anzahl GPs:0 (639)
Erzielte Punkte:0 (2080)
Siege:0 (82)
Podien:0 (198)
Pole Positions:0 (71)
Schnellste Rennrunden:0 (88)
Ø Pkt/GP: - (3.26)
Zertifikat: Dieser Manager hat den GPRO Zertifikat-Test erfolgreich bestanden! (Mai 26, 2010)

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Erster GP: Saison 20, Rennen 1
Anzahl Logins:8657
Zeit auf GPRO verbracht:1919.6 Stunden
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Fahrer: Keine
Tech D: Keine
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Karriere von Lee Bull (Letzte Aktualisierung: Jun 18 2011, 18:33:48)
Season 20 - Respectable finish of 13th for my first season, 22 points scored, 7 points lost to under fuelling or bad tyre calls as I was working mostly blind. Collected a fair amount of data though as well as collecting a couple of podium finishes. Made the mistake of resigning my driver for 17 races costing me £4m+ then his OA reached 109 so that was that. Also updated some parts prematurely hence the end balance of -£3m. All in all quite happy.

Season 21 - Gathered a full season of data, also know how to handle updating and downgrading more effectively. Joined Britpack Racers which helped me but obviously I returned the favour with a haul of points and relevant data. Finished 6th overall after a scrappy end to the season trying to balance finances to resign my driver.

Season 22 R94 Champion - Well almost perfect really by my own standards. 10 Wins. 13 Podiums. 15 Poles. 3 Fastest Laps. 137pts. Group winner by 60 points! A lot of this owing to signing a driver perfect for Rookie but my strategies and previous data are starting to pay off as I can predict tyre wear and fuel usage more accurately. I also broke and set some "Team Records" a thread I started for the team to recognise achievements. If I have room for improvement it's in balancing risks against part wear and general finances. Would be better off running lower risks and just winning than demolishing the field by a minute and wearing parts out. I'll promote with $36m however I've seen some managers who have scored as heavily as me promoting with nearer $50m. Overall though a great season, bring on Amateur!

Season 23 - So first crack at amateur... Went well. Managed to end the season with the same balance I started it with while increasing my car level by 3 and training my driver in certain aspects. Was consistently in the midfield until the last 3 races, taking 8th, 4th and then 3rd for my first amateur podium in my first season. Would have liked to saved slightly more money but overall a good season to build upon I think.

Season 24 - 2nd season in Amateur, went pretty much to plan. Had to throw 5 races to lower driver OA so I could resign him. Rest of season consistently scored points, trained driver and increased my finances. 2 sponsors in the bag and a 3rd not far from completion. Took 2 podiums and just missed out on my first Amateur win. In good position to challenge for promotion next season, car/money/driver/sponsors are all in order. So it's all down to getting strategy right.

Season 25 A62 Champion - 3rd season in Amateur. Job done! Cup winner and group champion with 1 race left. 8 Wins. 11 Podiums. 4 Poles. 4 Fastest Laps. 117pts. Had stiff competition with Felipe Pampolini all season and in truth he could of beat me but had to "throw" races to lower his driver OA to resign him for Pro. Still winning is winning and my strategy's and driver training have been very effective. Earnt many achievements also, all in all very happy with the season. Taking a Level 7 car and around $90m into Pro. Wish me luck!

Race - S20 R1, Monaco
Points - S20 R1, Monaco
Podium - S20 R1, Monaco
Win - S21 R2, Hungaroring
Pole - S22 R1, Brno
Hat-trick Pole, Win, Fastest Lap - S22 R6, India
Amateur Points - S23 R15, Brasilia
Amateur Podium - S23 R17, Montreal
Amateur Win - S25 R1, Shanghai
Amateur Hat-trick - S25 R3, Sakhir
Random - S24 R7, Magny Cours

S21 R2, Hungaroring
S22 R2, Magny Cours
S22 R3, Suzuka
S22 R4, Shanghai
S22 R5, Sepang
S22 R6, India
S22 R8, A1-Ring
S22 R11, Interlagos
S22 R12, Indianapolis
S22 R13, Yas Marina
S22 R16, Monte Carlo
S25 R1, Shanghai (Amateur)
S25 R2, Fuji (Amateur)
S25 R3, Sakhir (Amateur)
S25 R5, Istanbul (Amateur)
S25 R11, Indianapolis Oval (Amateur)
S25 R13, Kyalami (Amateur)
S25 R15, Montreal (Amateur)
S25 R16, Ahvenisto (Amateur)

S20 R1, Monte Carlo 3rd
S20 R11, Kyalami 3rd
S21 R2, Hungaroring 1st
S21 R13, Brands Hatch 2nd
S21 R14, Monza 2nd
S22 R1, Brno 2nd
S22 R2, Magny Cours 1st
S22 R3, Suzuka 1st
S22 R4, Shanghai 1st
S22 R5, Sepang 1st
S22 R6, India 1st
S22 R8, A1-Ring 1st
S22 R9, Barcelona 3rd
S22 R11, Interlagos 1st
S22 R12, Indianapolis 1st
S22 R13, Yas Marina 1st
S22 R16, Monte Carlo 1st
S22 R17, Melbourne 2nd
S23 R17, Montreal 3rd (Amateur)
S24 R1, Melbourne 3rd (Amateur)
S24 R17, A1-Ring 2nd (Amateur)
S25 R1, Shanghai 1st (Amateur)
S25 R2, Fuji 1st (Amateur)
S25 R3, Sakhir 1st (Amateur)
S25 R4, Yeongam 2nd (Amateur)
S25 R5, Istanbul 1st (Amateur)
S25 R8, Magny Cours 2nd (Amateur)
S25 R11, Indianapolis Oval 1st (Amateur)
S25 R13, Kyalami 1st (Amateur)
S25 R15, Montreal 1st (Amateur)
S25 R16, Ahvenisto 1st (Amateur)
S25 R17, Mugello 2nd (Amateur)

S22 R1, Brno
S22 R2, Magny Cours
S22 R3, Suzuka
S22 R4, Shanghai
S22 R5, Sepang
S22 R6, India
S22 R7, Yeongam
S22 R8, A1-Ring
S22 R10, Zolder
S22 R11, Interlagos
S22 R12, Indianapolis
S22 R13, Yas Marina
S22 R14, Silverstone
S22 R15, Imola
S22 R16, Monte Carlo
S25 R1, Shanghai (Amateur)
S25 R2, Fuji (Amateur)
S25 R3, Sakhir (Amateur)
S25 R7, Zandvoort (Amateur)

S22 R6, India
S22 R12, Indianapolis
S22 R17, Melbourne
S24 R5, Monte Carlo (Amateur)
S25 R3, Sakhir (Amateur)
S25 R7, Zandvoort (Amateur)
S25 R13, Kyalami (Amateur)
S25 R17, Mugello (Amateur)

S22 R6, India
S22 R12, Indianapolis
S25 R3, Sakhir (Amateur)