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Name:Rayhan Sheikh
Land: England
Beigetreten:Jun 19, 2008
Letzte Interaktion: Okt 1 2013, 00:58:47
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GPRO Meisterschaften: 0
Anzahl GPs:0 (307)
Erzielte Punkte:0 (628)
Siege:0 (23)
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Pole Positions:0 (8)
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Ø Pkt/GP: - (2.05)
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Erster GP: Saison 11, Rennen 4
Anzahl Logins:3848
Zeit auf GPRO verbracht:1068.6 Stunden
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Karriere von Rayhan Sheikh (Letzte Aktualisierung: Apr 30 2013, 16:24:09)

First Win: Season 14 - Race 6 - Sakhir GP (Bahrain) - April 24th 09

First Pole Position: Season 14 - Race 4 - Adelaide GP (Australia) - 17th April 09

First F. Lap: Season 14 - Race 7 - Magny Cours GP (France) - April 28th 09

Joined Need For Speed.
First points(8) and first podium(2nd) in Spa GP (Belgium).
Didn't expect to promote, But I was happy about it. :)

The first season I put effort into and this is where I got into the game. :)
Hoping to do well in my first amateur season.
Got a new driver. Hopefully its a new me. :D
My first amateur point in Istanbul GP (Turkey).
Season 12 - Race 16 - Shanghai GP (China) :
My driver performed the block of his life from David Jundt and got my first amateur podium.
My favourite race of all time so far. :D
Most points I got from 1 season, 15 points.

*Maintain a 5 mil budget and finish with atleast 20 mil, (DONE :D)
*Finish in the top 10, (DONE :D)
*Get more than 20 points. (DONE :D)
Started working on a new driver, Graham Hunt. He should be good enough for next season, once I've train him.
My friend Arshad suggested I joined his team called Yakini (Speed Freaks) so I decided to join them. It was a good move, started learning from the start. :)
First race was absolutely chaotic. 6 pit stops! Only up side was that I was able to snatch a point.
Monte Carlo GP (Monaco) was great! I started on dry's and it payed off. I finished 3rd (Just about :D).
In the last race, Melbourne GP (Australia), I miscalculated my Tyre wear by 1 lap, which cost me 3 places. So close to 4th. :(
Season went well and I got my targets. I'm set for the next season. :)

Main Targets:
*Promotion to Pro (DONE! :D)
*Finish with more than 50 mil (DONE! :D)
*Get more than 45 points (DONE! :D)
Met my friend Tim-Oliver Wagner. :)
Graham Hunt, my driver is doing well but I'll need to promote to keep him.
First 3 races were ok, 5th, 6th and 5th but I wanted more than that. I guessed I'd have push myself more.
YAY! My very first pole position in Adelaide GP (Australia)(R4) and its all due to my teammates in Yakini. Thanks you lot! :D
I just realized that this just isn't my first pole, it my driver's first pole aswell! :P
Adelaide was becoming my best ever race, where I should have finished 2nd. Damn random had to take it away. Finished in 6th. :(
Nothing to say about race 5. :|
YAY! My first ever win at Sakhir GP (Bahrain) in R6! My driver preformed a great block against Tim to attain my win. Great race. Started on dry's, where the first 10 laps were wet. :| Went for a 1-stopper and ended up finishing with 57 liters!!!
I finished 0.255 sec's in front of Tim. :P
Another win! R7 now at Magny Cours GP (France). Good race. Was close in qualifying but came 2nd. Won the race and got fastest lap too.
Another great race for me. R8 was exactly the same as R7, result wise. Finished with just about 2 l of fuel. Both rain and dry involved.
My fourth consecutive win at R9! It was a close race between me and Tim. I blocked him most of the race. :P
If it wasn't for his driver's mistake, he would have won by a long stretch.
R10 was just a race I didn't expect much. Got 7th cause of a tech prob.
R11, home turf, and guess what? I use dry tires on a rainy Q2!!! Couldn't get a worse start at Silverstone. Came back in the race but finished 2nd. Damn you Chinmay! :P
Got a lucky win at R16. Knew I wouldn't finish R17 so went for pole and got it.
All in all, a great season. I'm all set now. Pro, here I come!

Main Targets:
*Retain my group (DONE! :D)
*Finish with more than $60 million (Incomplete [I spent alot of money :P])
(*Do well on my first race in pro, which is on my birthday!) (DONE! 8th was great!)
Great first season in pro, got my first wins and 2 FL's. :)
Still got my driver, Graham, and got my first TD, Ian Diggins.

Main Targets:
*Finish in the top 8(DONE)
*Finish with more than $30 million (EPIC FAIL :P)
*Get more than 40 points (DONE)
Was possibly hoping for a promotion.
doing well so far, getting a few wins and podiums. Pole is too tough to get though.
Ahhhh, stupid illness made me miss three races. That's 5 mil + 30~ mil down the drain...
And I fail to get out of debt... so I have relegated. I never thought I'd see Amateur again...

I lost it this season. My team was falling apart and most of them just left. I slowly lost interest and then ended up retiring.


My comeback. I had a feeling I wouldn't stay away for long. Spending this season getting back to grips. Got a decent driver to promote with. Not planning on stay in Rookie for long. ;)

Looking to promote this season. Getting off to a nice start. Too bad I missed a race but that's RL for you. My driver's first Pole. ;)
My driver doesn't like water... Made some silly mistakes this season but I guess it doesn't matter too much.
Plus, I won the GPRO Cup! :D

Not a bad season. Worked on a new driver and got some points to retain.

This season was more of a half hearted attempt at promotion.

Had enough of my old driver so found more of a quick fix driver. Was really desperate to get back to pro so I pushed a bit too hard throughout the season. At least I managed to win my group! :)

I hit a brick wall this season. I was very unprepared and struggled against the tougher opposition. Headed straight back down.

S31 - S32
These two season were meh. Didn't really get anywhere, neither did I improve much. The key point was that I managed to build up my finances again. Also left NSR at the end of the season.

Have become a lone wolf for now.

Promotion push?

Held on to 5 sponsors throughout and managed to retain, a fair result. :)