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Beigetreten: Mär 5, 2006
Letzte Interaktion: Mai 29 2017, 18:04:27
Land:  (Belgien)
Forum Einträge: 1712  (Einträge aufrufen)
Anzahl Logins: 19474
Zeit auf GPRO verbracht: 4042.3 Stunden


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Name: Luc Segers

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Geschlecht: Männlich
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Beziehungsstatus: Verheiratet
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Anzahl GPs: 0 (976)
Erzielte Punkte: 0 (1885)
Siege: 0 (60)
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Pole Positions: 0 (62)
Schnellste Rennrunden: 0 (33)
Ø Pkt/GP: - (1.93)
Erster GP: Beta Saison 4, Rennen 1


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Onyx ORE1 - 1989 blank
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Karriere von Luc Segers (Letzte Aktualisierung: Okt 27 2007, 12:16:41)
The first season, in Elite, was a disaster, thanks to the admins i did receive the most expensive driver in the game, that driver by the way, was better in swimming then driving. To top that of nicely i did by myself hire the most expensive TD in the game. And these 2 factors together with poor results brought me near bancrupty in no more then 4 races. The rest of the season i did spend bringing the finances to a acceptable level.
Season 2, after relegation to master1, saw me taking some points in the first few races, the rest of the season was spend bringing life and hope in the finances.
Pronosis for season 3 : Bring finances even better, and learning more a bout different aspects of the game, in other words a tranquil season in master.
Things have gone downhill for me since season 3, there are a lot of aspects of this game i am not mastering at this moment, bringing a lot of wrong decision in. Gone down to amateur, and not doing any better there, so next stop wil probably be rookie.
But rest assured from then on it can only go upwards :))