Association ONE Global

Giovanni MazzanatiNigel KohKris KilsbyTony OliverAdriaan V JaarsveldtMike ZestasJuha KorhonenVitaly SevovMaciej RabińskiFabio Cavallini

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Teamname: Association ONE Global
Gegründet: Zwischen S37 und S38
Meisterschaften: 0
Teampokalsiege: 0
Gesamtpunkte: 20,113.51
Ø Punkte/GP: 23.20
Ø Punkte/Saison: 394.38
Ø Meisterschaftsplatzierung: 136.04
Meiste Punkte in einem Rennen: 44.73 (Saison 48, Rennen 10)
Tabellenplatz: 87
Saisonpunkte: 381.3336

24% erreicht

Meiste Mitglieder in Elite: 3 (Saison 49, Rennen 1)
Mitglieder, die Elite erreichten: 10
Anzahl an Rennteilnahmen in:
Ergebnisse diese Saison:
Anzahl Supporter: 5
Freie Plätze: 0


Platz Nat Manager Gruppe Verteilung
01. Giovanni Mazzanati Master - 5 19.4% (2.3%)
02. Nigel Koh Pro - 18 10.8% (7%)
03. Kris Kilsby Pro - 10 7.7% (5.4%)
04. Tony Oliver Pro - 13 5.2% (6.1%)
05. Adriaan V Jaarsveldt Pro - 8 4% (5.5%)
06. Mike Zestas Amateur - 47 12% (1.9%)
07. Juha Korhonen Amateur - 54 11.8% (2.3%)
08. Vitaly Sevov Pro - 24 11% (1.1%)
09. Maciej Rabiński Amateur - 26 10.4% (2.1%)
10. Fabio Cavallini Amateur - 32 7.7% (0.3%)


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Welcome to AO Family!

AOG is the child of an amazing commitment to the team from ex AOE managers, who took some time away from the game before rejoining. Now that the team is set and balanced out, we look forward to taking this initiative forward, making this a strong and competitive team aiming for the championships and beating all others.

The idea to start a sister team was born from discussions between Tim Anle and Viesturs Priede, former members of AOE.

AOG works in close association with AOE through an external forum, where there is a constant exchange of ideas and experiences, which has helped us to reach the pinnacle of this game.

We would like to thank Pavlin Tzvetanov, who designed the team liveries, for his wonderful efforts.

We also have other initiatives such as our Association One Cup which is becoming popular by the day and loved by our fellow GPRO managers. This initiative was started by Martin Seppam and Tim Anle, and is now one of the most sought after initiative in the community.

Meet our sister team AOE here: