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Teamname: Autonomous
Gegründet: Saison 1, Rennen 1
Meisterschaften: 3
Teampokalsiege: 3
Gesamtpunkte: 36,974.31
Ø Punkte/GP: 22.77
Ø Punkte/Saison: 387.05
Ø Meisterschaftsplatzierung: 179.32
Meiste Punkte in einem Rennen: 63.07 (Saison 23, Rennen 16)
Tabellenplatz: 241
Saisonpunkte: 134.3997

52% erreicht

Meiste Mitglieder in Elite: 8 (Saison 13, Rennen 1)
Mitglieder, die Elite erreichten: 15
Anzahl an Rennteilnahmen in:
Ergebnisse diese Saison:
Anzahl Supporter: 1
Freie Plätze: 0


Platz Nat Manager Gruppe Verteilung
01. Jake Lewis Amateur - 33 12.5% (0.3%)
02. Giovann Dima Rookie - 23 10.4% (1.2%)
03. Francesco Rossi Amateur - 25 10.1% (2.2%)
04. Tony Earl Amateur - 80 6.9% (0.2%)
05. Vadim Eŝenko Amateur - 69 6.9% (0.3%)
06. Vadym Krasylnykov Amateur - 58 24.4% (0.4%)
07. Darran Lopez Amateur - 18 9.5% (0.2%)
08. Martin Parker Amateur - 57 13.3% (0.2%)
09. Maikel Zwart Amateur - 20 4% (0.1%)
10. David Roberts Amateur - 78 1.9% (0%)


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Teams Information
Last SeasonChampionsCup Winners
Martini Racing14th🏆🏆🏆(s7, 11, 18)🏆(s18)
Autonomous228th🏆🏆🏆(s20, 21, 24)🏆🏆🏆(s23, 24, 32)

Established in the very first race of the very first season Autonomous started its life in the guise of ‘Fastline Racing Team’, a team of calibre managers at the time and future world champions.
They won the GPRO 🏆 Championship in its 20th season, reaching the final of the cup, with another 🏆 Championship the following season before being renamed THE 10 in Season 23, a name the team adopted for much of its life.
They won the ⚱️ Cup immediately in Season 23 followed by a 3rd 🏆 Championship and 2nd ⚱️ Cup in Season 24.
From Season 1 to 38 the team was never out of the top 40, and in season 32 THE 10 won their last major honour, a 3rd ⚱️ Cup title.
It was the beginning of a decline for the team there after with some respectable finishes but never the same highs.
Many tried to rectify the team, in season 71 renaming it LMP CARSERVICE and in 78 another revamp, in Mooncraft Racing.
In Season 86/87 after twice saving the team from going ‘zombie’ and the brink of collapse, Autonomous was born to bring some light and hope to a fading giant.
And midway through season 94 a partnership deal was established with Martini Racing to further safeguard our futures and development.

Current Team Members
F. Rossi372👑11 (Ama)RookieRookie
G. Dima2892 (Roo)--
T. Earl6012 (Roo)RookieRookie
J. Lewis550--
U. Escha482 (Roo)--
V. Esenko471 (Ama)--
V. Krasy'kov46👑2 (Ama)--
D. Lopez280--
M. Parker2412 (Roo)RookieRookie
M. Zwart140--
Recent Achievements (Amateur +)
J.ClaydonSeason 88Amateur💯 Perfect Season
J.ClaydonSeason 88Amateur✨ OBR Winner
J.ClaydonSeason 88Amateur🏆 Championship
J.ClaydonSeason 88Amateur⚱️ Cup
Most Valuable Players
Season 95V. Krasy'kov👑 M.V.P.
Season 94K. Andrew👑 M.V.P.
Season 88J. Claydon👑 M.V.P.
Season 87S. Abhyankar👑 M.V.P.
Season 86F. Rossi👑 M.V.P.
Historical Achievements (Master +)
N. SkellySeason 51Master⚱️ Cup
C. RomkesSeason 38Master🏆 Championship
T. KaminskiSeason 26Master🏆 Championship
E. TempelSeason 26Master⚱️ Cup
Z. HladikSeason 25Elite🏆 Championship
Z. HladikSeason 25Elite⚱️ Cup
Z. HladikSeason 25Elite✨One Big Race
Z. HladikSeason 24Elite🏆 Championship
Z. HladikSeason 24Elite⚱️ Cup
E. PranculeviciusSeason 23Elite🏆 Championship
E. PranculeviciusSeason 23Elite✨One Big Race
Z. HladikSeason 23Elite⚱️ Cup
Z. HladikSeason 22Elite🏆 Championship
E. PranculeviciusSeason 22Elite✨One Big Race
E. PranculeviciusSeason 22Elite⚱️ Cup
E. PranculeviciusSeason 21Elite🏆 Championship
E. PranculeviciusSeason 21Elite✨One Big Race
H. JohannsenSeason 20Master🏆 Championship
H. JohannsenSeason 20Master✨One Big Race
R. SagatasSeason 18Master🏆 Championship
T. BubelevičiusSeason 17Master🏆 Championship
G. LaugalisSeason 6Elite🏆 Championship
G. LaugalisSeason 6Elite✨One Big Race