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Teamname: Ignition
Teamwebsite: Keine
Gegründet: Zwischen S17 und S18
Meisterschaften: 0
Teampokalsiege: 1
Gesamtpunkte: 46,003.72
Ø Punkte/GP: 33.53
Ø Punkte/Saison: 570.02
Ø Meisterschaftsplatzierung: 24.37
Meiste Punkte in einem Rennen: 56.65 (Saison 81, Rennen 2)
Tabellenplatz: 8
Saisonpunkte: 435.5999

43% erreicht

Meiste Mitglieder in Elite: 3 (Saison 28, Rennen 1)
Mitglieder, die Elite erreichten: 13
Anzahl an Rennteilnahmen in:
Ergebnisse diese Saison:
Anzahl Supporter: 4
Freie Plätze: 0


Platz Nat Manager Gruppe Verteilung
01. Rafal Celejewski Amateur - 48 9.9% (12.8%)
02. Samoeni Albanalopolis Master - 1 6.4% (6%)
03. Xavier Prett Pro - 20 13.2% (2.6%)
04. Guilherme Franco Master - 4 11.4% (3.3%)
05. Alex Holland Pro - 14 14.9% (11.1%)
06. Chris Shaw Master - 5 14% (2.8%)
07. Ramón López Master - 4 4.1% (7.8%)
08. Claudio Laguna Pro - 4 14.7% (2%)
09. Martynas Bražėnas Amateur - 26 6.8% (5.8%)
10. Krzysztof Butkiewicz Amateur - 44 4.7% (0.9%)


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So what is Team Ignition all about, you ask.

It has Sam in the team, since I joined Ignition I have been trying to help all these fellas here. Oh believe me is really hard to communicate with each of them but I'm the leader, I have to act nice. If you are considering joining us, please think again, Thank you

We have to be honest that we want to win as badly as every other team out there. I could give you a novel about how we are going to learn all about the game. How we are going to do better and better until we are a top ten team. I'm sure you have heard it all before from every other team.

What Team Ignition is really about is a solid and active group of mature people who are regularly on the forums to discuss topics of interest in the game. Real life and its problems takes us away from the forums, time to time, but overall we are far more active than most teams out there. Does that make us better? Maybe not now, but we will be in the end. Discuss race strategies, share information, work on the team projects. These sorts of things will be the reasons we get ahead. Just check out our team history for clear proof of our progress.

We are not about competing for the sake of competing. Instead through consistent team effort in understanding the game and it's difficulties we plan the best strategies. We were all once rookies, and most of us came on the team at a relatively low level. Still, through the efforts of sharing all data, tools and ideas we have moved into the top 10 teams and intend to stay there. It's not just about being the best. It's about being the best that we can and having fun doing it too.


Hi, my name is Sam :D