Martini Racing

Matt ParkerHakan YildirimAlexander MichaelsBrian WindellRoger HansenEugen ArnoldBenson BellWes RichardEric BergerMax Goodman

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Tiimi nimi: Martini Racing
Tiimi veebileht: -
Asutatud: Hooaeg 3, Sõit 4
Meistritiitel: 3
Karika võit: 1
Punkte kokku: 28,918.34
Keskmiselt punkte sõidus: 18.20
Keskmiselt punkte hooajal: 309.38
Keskmine koht: 290.83
Enim punkte ühes sõidus: 65.60 (Hooaeg 17, Sõit 1)
Hooaja koht: 2
Hooaja punktid: 635.4
Tiimi saavutused:

57% avatud

Kõige rohkem liikmeid Elites: 5 (Hooaeg 16, Sõit 1)
Liikmeid pääsenud Elitesse: 15
Sõite tehtud:
Tulemused läbi aegade:
Selle hooaja tulemused:
Toetajate arv: 0
Vabu kohti: 0

Tiimi liikmed

Koht Riik Mängija nimi Grupp Panus
01. Matt Parker Pro - 20 10% (0.9%)
02. Hakan Yildirim Pro - 15 10% (1.2%)
03. Alexander Michaels Pro - 11 10% (1.2%)
04. Brian Windell Pro - 3 10.1% (2.1%)
05. Roger Hansen Pro - 20 10.2% (1.1%)
06. Eugen Arnold Pro - 2 10.2% (1.2%)
07. Benson Bell Pro - 11 10% (0.8%)
08. Wes Richard Pro - 12 9.7% (1.1%)
09. Eric Berger Pro - 4 9.9% (1.1%)
10. Max Goodman Pro - 3 9.9% (1%)

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Teams Information
Last SeasonChampionsCup Winners
Martini Racing14th🏆🏆🏆(s7, 11, 18)🏆(s18)
Autonomous228th🏆🏆🏆(s20, 21, 24)🏆🏆🏆(s23, 24, 32)

Born in season 3 Martini quickly became a pioneer team, since very early it was rated as a top team and a place where everyone wanted to be.
Within 4 seasons they won the 🏆 Championship in season 7, and 4 seasons after that another 🏆 Championship in season 11.
After several seasons of very near misses, a 4th, 2nd, 3rd and 2nd in 4 seasons, Martini became the first team to win the double, winning the very first GPRO 🏆 cup, and the 🏆 championship in season 18.
It was to be the the last major silverware for the team and despite many great cup runs and championship attempts leading up to season 30 they never quite hit the same heights.
From season 30 onwards times got tough for the outfit, a team that neared collapse at points, a team that at one point finished 935th back in season 49.
There was a mini revival in season 56 with a brilliant 18th, and a R1 cup appearance the following season, but it was short lived.
For the next 30 seasons Martini went into serious decline, barely fielding a full team and at one point only having 2 managers.
Under careful leadership and team work the team is united once again finishing an incredible 20th in season 93, its best finish in nearly 40 seasons! And in '94 established a relationship with feeder team Autonomous.

Current Team Members
B. Windell222👑 (x2)10 (Pro)AmateurAmateur
E. Arnold127👑 (x2)6 (Ama)--
R. Hansen1118 (Pro)--
A. Michaels1086 (Pro)--
W.Richard8510 (Pro)AmateurAmateur
H. Yildrim85👑 (x2)5 (Pro)--
E. Berger84👑6 (Pro)AmateurAmateur
M. Goodman781 (Ama)--
B. Bell614 (Pro)
M. Parker614 (Pro)AmateurAmateur

Recent Achievements (Amateur +)
E. BergerSeason 93Amateur🏆 Championship
E. BergerSeason 93Amateur⚱️ Cup
M. ParkerSeason 93Amateur🏆 Championship
M. ParkerSeason 93Amateur⚱️ Cup
W. RichardSeason 93Amateur🏆 Championship
W. RichardSeason 93Amateur⚱️ Cup
B. WindellSeason 90Amateur🏆 Championship
B. WindellSeason 90Amateur⚱️ Cup

Most Valuable Players
Season 95E. Arnold👑 M.V.P.
Season 94H. Yildirim👑 M.V.P.
Season 93E. Berger👑 M.V.P.
Season 92B. Windell👑 M.V.P.
Season 91H. Yildirim👑 M.V.P.
Season 90B. Windell👑 M.V.P.
Season 89E. Arnold👑 M.V.P.

Historical Achievements (Master +)
T. SenlerSeason 31Elite⚱️ Cup
T. SenlerSeason 30Elite⚱️ Cup
T. SenlerSeason 21Elite🏆 Championship
M. HeikkinenSeason 21Master🏆 Championship
T. SenlerSeason 20Elite🏆 Championship
T. SenlerSeason 20Elite⚱️ Cup
T. SenlerSeason 20Elite✨One Big Race
T. SenlerSeason 19Elite🏆 Championship
T. SenlerSeason 19Elite✨One Big Race
T. SenlerSeason 18Elite🏆 Championship
T. WypychSeason 17Elite⚱️ Cup
T. SenlerSeason 11Master🏆 Championship
T. SenlerSeason 11Master✨One Big Race