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Nombre:Anthony D'Amico
País: Canadá
Ingreso:16 de May, 2010
Últ. conexión: Hoy a las 22:01:36
Mensajes:40  (Ver mensajes)
Trofeos GPRO: 0
Cantidad de GPs:14 (248)
Puntos obtenidos:86 (431)
Victorias:2 (12)
Podios:10 (33)
Posiciones Pole:6 (24)
Vueltas rápidas:0 (8)
Prom pts/carrera: 6.14 (1.74)
Certificación: ¡El manager todavía no ha salvado el examen de certificación de GPRO! Todavía no

18% desbloqueado

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Hechos concretos

Primer GP: Temporada 20, Carrera 1
Tiempo en GPRO:261 horas
Fecha de cumpleaños: -
Lugar de nacimiento:-
Estado civil:Casado

Datos del juego

Grupo:Rookie - 77
Dinero: $??.???.???
Piloto: John Rossiter (101)
Dir T: Ninguno
Promedio de empleados:2
Neumáticos: Pipirelli
Equipo: Canada Racing
Posición del equipo:281
Puntos de equipo:201.3333


F-Secure (R77) - 8 carreras
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Carrera del manager Anthony D'Amico (Última actualización: el 27-Ene-2012, 21:23:00)
First 4 years....learn and record.

Year 5 Season 24, still having troubles. Going to search forums for help.

Year 6, Season 25, used help from forum and some new friends to catapult myself to winning my group!

Year 7, Season 26, first crack at Amature. Not ready for this so I went into big debt to crash my drivers OA so I could keep him.

Year 8, Season 27
1. Become a GPRO Supporter to utilize extra features to find the driver I am looking for. (done)
2. Sign a young, well talented driver that I can train to my liking. (done)
3. Add to my database of track data by using tyre compounds that I haven't used for those tracks yet. (done)

Year 9, Season 28
1. Keep training driver and keep him under 85 OA. (accomplished)
2. Continue adding to racing database by using tyre compounds and risks that I haven't used for those tracks yet. (accomplished)

Year 10, Season 29
1. Promote to Amateur.
2. Keep current driver by keeping his OA under 110.
3. Finish with at least $50mil.
4. Sign a contract with sponsor, at least $500,000/race and at least 15 race length.

Race 1 - Buenos Aires GP (Argentina)
P&Q - Practiced on both Medium & Hard Tyres. Was only .325s slower on Hard Tyres so I went with Hard Tyres and 1 stop.
Race - Finished 8th so I got 1 point. Happy with start.

Race 2 - Brasilia GP (Brazil)
P&Q - Quite happy with qualifying results. Going to chance it that it does not rain and not switch to rain tires.
Race - Murphy's Law - It rained. Gained a lot of spots during first few rain laps, but it kept raining and I dropped to about 10th. Finished 8th again so I picked up another point.

Race 3 - Indianapolis (USA)
P&Q - Practiced well in hard tyres. Went with push the car a lot for Q1 and lost over a second. Very disappointed. The pit time is over 25s so I will try 1 stop on hard tyres.
Race - Disappointed with the 9th place finish. Qualified bad and the engine started losing power. Not a good race.

Race 4 - Montreal (Canada)
P&Q - Qualifying went well. My conversion factor from dry to wets put me on the starting grid in 2nd place.
Race - Took a chance and started with dry tyres even though it was raining to start. Rain stopped on lap 5. Finished the race in 5th, best finish of the season. Happy with that. Congrats to my bro for earning his first win in Rookie 264.

Race 5 - Valencia (Spain)
P&Q - Looks like it will rain shortly after beginning of race. Qualified on extra softs and did well. Starting 4th.
Race - It did start raining shortly after beginning and swapping to wet tyres right away paid off and spent most of the race in the top 5.