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Nombre:Alan Horsley
País: Inglaterra
Ingreso:24 de May, 2010
Últ. conexión: Hoy a las 00:11:42
Mensajes:2079  (Ver mensajes)
Trofeos GPRO: 0
Cantidad de GPs:17 (1172)
Puntos obtenidos:3 (2167)
Victorias:0 (78)
Podios:0 (195)
Posiciones Pole:0 (86)
Vueltas rápidas:0 (64)
Prom pts/carrera: 0.18 (1.85)
Certificación: ¡El manager ha salvado el examen de certificación de GPRO! (6 de Abr, 2013)

59% desbloqueado

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Hechos concretos

Primer GP: Temporada 20, Carrera 2
Tiempo en GPRO:5692.2 horas
Fecha de cumpleaños: -
Lugar de nacimiento:-
Estado civil:Casado

Datos del juego

Grupo:Master - 2
Dinero: $?.???.???
Piloto: Christian Engel (168)
Dir T: Pat Lisles (95)
Promedio de empleados:30
Neumáticos: Bridgerock
Equipo: Nuvolari Racing
Posición del equipo:6
Puntos de equipo:662.867


Apples (A24) - 16 carreras
Seabelt (M2) - 1 carreras
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Carrera del manager Alan Horsley (Última actualización: el 9-Ene-2021, 09:50:16)
"something very interesting"

How the *** did i make it to elite and retain? Just goes to show that perseverance and a complete lack of skill can take you a long way ;)

Season 43 Analysis- Am 44
Promoted in 3rd place with a very healthy cash balance after a conservative season. New driver performed fairly well.

Season 42 Analysis- Am 44
Retained comfortably again but with less points than last season due to lack of FT's and a change of driver. Cash improved again overall though so was a successful season for me.

Season 41 Analysis- Am 44
Scored 3 podiums and 24 points using fairly low risks. Came 10th in the group and upped my end of season cash by 30 million so a good am season and with my driver secured for another season things are looking up.

Season 40 Analysis- Am 44
Tried to sign a good driver for a short stint at the beginning of the season but failed miserably, this caused me to waste quite a bit of money. Eventually i was forced to settle for a trainable rookie promoter and changed my plans to push later in the season instead. Grabbed points on a few races from 13 onwards (inc fave track) and comfortably retained but lost money overall, didn't test as much as i would have liked and not as much driver training either.

Season 39 Analysis- Pro 16
Came close to getting a couple of points mid season in a wet race but a random put a stop to that :( Otherwise season went much as expected and i will be back in amateur next season to lick my wounds.

Season 39 Goals - Pro 16
Was going with pips but opted for Avonns to get some info on them. I'm expecting to relegate to am where i hope to build for another run but may make a half hearted attempt to retain later in the season if it looks viable. Main focus is testing and infrastructure again.

Season 38 Analysis- Master 4
My driver choices probably weren't the best and i wasted a lot of money early on that i really could have done with later. A couple of very expensive randoms cost me an estimated 30 mil including loss of sponsorship too so i made the decision mid season to learn what i could and try to finish with as much money as i could. On the plus side i did manage to spend a reasonable amount on building infrastructure so the season was not a total waste.

Season 38 Goals - Master 4
Pick up a new driver (Matteo has done well for me but i feel he is getting too expensive and is restricting what i can spend in other areas), improve my car and try to scrape a few points mid to late season. Master 4 looks pretty hard with lots of ex elites and some very experienced managers so my secondary goal is not to spend too much so that if i fail i can regroup in Pro.

Season 37 Analysis
It was a very interesting season. My initial pace was very good in comparison with the rest of the group and i had a huge win on a fave track race 2 coming from 37th (quali error) to finish 1st. Picked up steady points throughout the season and decided to go for promotion a season early as season 38 looked like it was going to be pretty fierce in Pro 2. I managed to finish 2nd in the group (Ricardo Todd was a worthy champion) but i promoted with a respectable bank balance and a (sort of) plan for Master.

Season 37 Goals
Hoping to retain earlyish in the season so i can mess around a bit afterwards and prepare for Season 38.

Season 36 Analysis
Grabbed another 8th place then, on race 15, i took a bold move and went with a 4 stop as my qualies had been good in general, Managed to get a decent amount of clear track and bagged an unexpected podium to ensure safety. I finished with respectable money and have options open to me next season. My driver is still with me and is coming along nicely although starting to get a bit on the expensive side and i seem to be getting the hang of sponsors a bit better which is helping.

Season 36 Update

Season is going fairly well. I managed to pick up a point early on in a rain race and bagged 2 more last race in a total lottery. Think i will need a few more to retain though as my group is very hard and competitive. Finally managed to get a TD on my 3rd attempt but my qualify seems to have improved quite a bit as a result and i'm interested to see what else changes as a result of his appointment. Finances are better than expected which should give me 'options' for next season (assuming i manage to retain).

Season 36 Goals

Primary concern this season is data collection as i was not able to get much last time in pro due to a bad tyre choice and poor finances. I want info on yoko's and on TD's. If i manage to retain then that will be great but if not i just want to try to make sure i had a reasonable amount of money at season end so that i can bounce back in am fairly quickly.

Season 35 Analysis

I got off to a very shaky start with a race ending random followed by a start accident (my fault that time but i was trying to make up for the loss of points/money from the random) and i almost gave up on my promotion prospects at that point. But then things started improving and i grabbed my first win ever in amateur followed shortly by another and was then able to coast for most of the rest of the season. I was very surprised to pick up a lot of points in the latter stages and suspect there was a lot of heavy risk usage going on in my group early on. I was aiming for around 40 points and ended up with 60 odd but got punked in the cup race by Andrea Squizzato (see Am22 forum for more details ;)

Season 35 Goals
This season i hope to promote to Pro. Not necessarily in 1st place as taking good cash with me is more important but a lot can happen in a season so we will see what we will see.

Season 34 Analysis
Was going for about 20 points but ended up with nearly 40 (mainly due to the insane amount of wet weather). Trained my driver well i think and managed to increase my bank balance considerably so very happy overall.

Season 34 Goals
Retain, sign driver through to season 36 then begin training him for a push to Pro in season 35.

Season 33 Analysis
Managed to retain comfortably with a few points finishes. Boosted my money by around 25 mil and managed to make my new parts strategy work this time out. Driver is coming along and i am hoping he will be ready for promotion in season 35.

Season 33 Goals
Just looking to retain a bit more easily, work on getting finances back on track after a disastrous season 32 and will be trying my new parts strategy again.

Season 32 Analysis
Managed to retain by the skin of my teeth. Finances went pear shaped and was unable to implement new parts strategy due to sponsor issues but have improved car and driver so optimistic for next season

Season 32 Goals
Main aim is just to retain. I am trying out a new parts strategy this season which may or may not pan out.

Season 31 Analysis
I won my group, won the cup, got: 5 straight race win, 9 race win in a season and hattrick achievements so all in all a pretty good season :) Finished with reasonable money and believe i have a better strategy for tackling amateur than i've used previously but time will tell.

Season 31 Update:
Whoop, i'm a rookie Berserker :)
Season going exceptionally well at the moment. Driver is performing way above expectations.

Season 31 Goals
Continue to work on my driver and promote with a good amount of money, taking my driver into amateur..

Season 30 Analysis
The driver i chose wasn't good enough to promote well so i decided to spend a season training him up for a push next season. Despite this i made the cup semi final and secured over 40 points and 4 fastest laps so he shows great promise.

Season 30 goals:
Secure a good driver and try to promote with decent money for a change :)

Season 29 Analysis
Found myself too weak after dropping from pro both financially and with car level. Driver was 4th choice and did not qualify well. Could not compete in enough races and failed to retain. Back to rookie for me.

Season 29 goals:
Back in amateur. Looking to work on a driver and try to build a bit of cash whilst doing my best to retain.

Season 28 Analysis
Did not manage to retain or get any points but i came close to 7th on the final race (pitted two laps early). Got some good tyre figures though.

Season 28 Goals:
Mainly hoping to get some figures on tyre compounds but if i can scrape a few points and retain that would be a huge bonus.

Season 27 Analysis:
Had a pretty decent season. 6 people fought hard for the top spots and subsequently we all promoted to pro. Now will i be able to stay there?

Season 27 Race 1:
My first win in Amateur (but how much was down to luck) ?

Season 27 Goals: Driver seems to be developing nicely but i don't believe he is currently good enough to expect to be able to fight for a top 2 finish. I am hoping to be able to compete for 4th this season. We now have a full team and our own livery and team forum which is nicely active.

Season 26 Analysis: Only managed the one podium but had several points finishes and achieved my goal of a top ten finish.

Season 26 Post race 3: Got my first podium somewhat faster than expected. Guess i'll have to raise the bar now and go for a top ten finish and at least 3 podiums :)

Season 26 Goals: My new driver seems to have decent pace in qualify so this year i'm aiming for a mid table finish and my first podium in amateur. Team is coming along nicely and hope to have our own livery soon.

Season 25 end: Just scraped the 2nd point on the last race but looks like i will retain and can start looking for a new driver for next season.

Season 25 - Trying something new with my finances/car this season. Main aim is to get points in at least 2 races. Driver is having trouble with q1'a and retires this season.

Stayed in Amateur last season (mainly due to a flukey 4th in rain) and was going to push to pro this season but my drivers qualification is disappointing and finances are very poor due to a poor decision last season. Now looking to stay in and seek out a new driver.

Made it to Amateur from 5th place in Rookie and just hope to stay here this season. Any points would be a big bonus.