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Nombre:Peter Coleman
País: Inglaterra
Sexo:No especificado
Ingreso:5 de Abr, 2009
Últ. conexión: Hoy a las 08:04:30
Mensajes:26  (Ver mensajes)
Trofeos GPRO: 0
Cantidad de GPs:16 (130)
Puntos obtenidos:43 (252)
Victorias:0 (13)
Podios:4 (23)
Posiciones Pole:0 (16)
Vueltas rápidas:0 (7)
Prom pts/carrera: 2.69 (1.94)
Certificación: ¡El manager todavía no ha salvado el examen de certificación de GPRO! Todavía no

17% desbloqueado

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Correo electrónico: Oculto
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Hechos concretos

Primer GP: Temporada 14, Carrera 1
Tiempo en GPRO:731.7 horas
Fecha de cumpleaños: -
Lugar de nacimiento:-
Estado civil:-

Datos del juego

Grupo:Amateur - 20
Dinero: $??.???.???
Piloto: Eric Jabouille (138)
Dir T: Ninguno
Promedio de empleados:12
Neumáticos: Pipirelli
Equipo: Strength & Honour
Posición del equipo:207
Puntos de equipo:267.6666


IMB (A20) - 27 carreras
Seikoo (R86) - 20 carreras
Vuarnets (A20) - 7 carreras
Cartierier (R86) - 4 carreras
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Carrera del manager Peter Coleman (Última actualización: el 1-Jul-2022, 10:21:13)

First race: Season 14 Race 1
First podium: Season 14 Race 1
Pole position, fastest lap and win in the same Rookie group race : S86 Race 2

Gave up the game and then rejoined as a Rookie in Season 85 Race 12.

Signed up to get a mentor and managed to acquire a BRILLIANT one! He didn't tell me what to do but explained some of the quirks of this game and allowed me to make good decisions. Also joined a team and got some great advice from them too.
The result was that, in S86, I stormed it! Got a very good driver and won 13 of the 17 races with 16 podiums.

In S87, I signed a good driver for Ama and retained quite easily. I got 13 points and finished 12th. Also managed to upgrade the car to the point where I won the
Monster Amateur Car achievement in the final race of the season which, hopefully, will set me up for S88.

In S88, I got a 4th place in race 1 which has guaranteed my survival in A20. So I have recruited a young driver with HUGE Talent, good Concentration, but there's lots of work to be done in the rest of the season to improve him to the point where I can challenge for promotion to Pro in S89.