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Nombre:Dainius Vaškys
País: Lituania
Ingreso:1 de Feb, 2017
Últ. conexión: el 9-Ago-2022, 22:37:15
Mensajes:651  (Ver mensajes)
Trofeos GPRO: 0
Cantidad de GPs:16 (513)
Puntos obtenidos:112 (1256)
Victorias:6 (51)
Podios:11 (102)
Posiciones Pole:2 (55)
Vueltas rápidas:6 (60)
Prom pts/carrera: 7 (2.45)
Certificación: ¡El manager ha salvado el examen de certificación de GPRO! (1 de Feb, 2017)

47% desbloqueado

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Hechos concretos

Primer GP: Temporada 57, Carrera 5
Tiempo en GPRO:1484.6 horas
Fecha de cumpleaños: -
Lugar de nacimiento:-
Estado civil:Soltero

Datos del juego

Grupo:Amateur - 38
Dinero: $??.???.???
Piloto: Mario Newgarden (148)
Dir T: Ninguno
Promedio de empleados:30
Neumáticos: Pipirelli
Equipo: Raging Rabbits
Posición del equipo:87
Puntos de equipo:363


Deutsche Telecomms (A38) - 24 carreras
Emirates Airways (A38) - 18 carreras
Whirlpoles (A38) - 11 carreras
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Carrera del manager Dainius Vaškys (Última actualización: el 13-Jun-2022, 23:58:42)
S57 R-36 - Joined the game in the middle of a season. Passed the test and got certification(I had to read alot in order to pass it, managed it in 1st try :]) Got mentor and started learning the game.

S58 R-25 - Switched to new group, because why not ? xD Started gathering data, still learning about the game. One of the thing I learned that some people are playing just to dominate the rookies, without any intention to reaching and winning in the Elite ... Well decided to switch to a new group where I hope some people will be trying to win, not to be a dominat rookie smasher ... As for the season, was decent, still there were room for improvement, but I felt good going to new season :] And I missed one race due to RL stuff, well no 5mil bonus for me next season ...

S59 R-125 - Switched due to last groups dominant rookie smasher ... Didin't wanted to be in a group which didin't looked competitive. Joined the new group and continued learning about the game, but got a good grasp of it with the help of mentor, which I accidently got via forum thread. Well, things started to get smoother in the middle of a season and plans for the future appeard. Managed to win a cup and was close to promotion, but was not ready for it, so decided to stay one more season :] Now looking forward on learning more as the game just seems to get better with new stuff learnd and found :] Plus I can play it at my own pace, which is the best thing, right ?

S60 R-125 - Well, season started with a random, luckily it wasn't a fatal one, so managed to finish 4th. This season was all for promotion, gave my best to do so and at 1st it looked it will be difficult, due to some managers coming from ama, but it was just in the beginning, after that it was an easy going :] Well unexpected random happened, this time fatal, which screwed a little my financial state. Well shit happens and you can't be ready for everything :] In the end, won my group, a cup and got negotiations started to join a team and got accepted to Raging Rabbits :]
A new season is ahead of me and I'll try to do my best in Amateurs 18 :]

S61 A-18 - This was my 1st season in ama and it wen't close to what I expected of it. Did had a little hickúp with my finances, but everything worked out in the end. Raging Rabbits team, when I joined them, did not knew what to expect, but after few races felt like at home, awesome people, looking forward to working with them for seasons to come :] And next season will be even more interesting, but waiting is killing me ... why such a short period without races feel SO LONG ! I need to get a grasp of myself, the HYPE IS REAL ...

S62 A-18 - Well season did not wen't as planned, wanted to try to go for promotion, but financial difficulty's forbid me to do so, so in the middle of the season I decided to get a new driver and start over, basically start from scratch, build up my balance and train the new driver. IDK when I'll be able to go for promotion again, but at this point it will be a slow paced training and building the package needed to go for promotion :]

S63 A-18 - This season seemed like I was rolling out with a steam powered car xD Saving money as much as I could without overspending, not to mention training my quite fresh driver. As for the season, it went better than expected, even managed to score points on my last race ... Which was very lucky ... But I made quite a big mistake ... which again changes my plans completely for upcoming seasons. Need to rethink, rebuild and prepare ... Sometimes this games takes so much, but rewards are so little ... But you try to do your best to get them, because when you do, it feels like you won something big :]

S64 A-18 - This season was to test out where the driver I had could run and where he could be in the future as I was going to get myself a new one next season :] The season went well, basically as planned, so nothing went wrong, no randoms and stuff like that. Enjoyed it, just was really disappointed that I had to say goodbye to my driver because of 1 single mistake. Well you win some and you loose some, just this time a loss was more significant. But no worries going to build my balance even better next season and prepare for promotion with the new driver in few season ;]

S65 A-18 - Bloody thirsty everyone became, especially when there's now 4 spot's available for promotion. Well my season was decent, scored some points, won couple races and won one of the most luckiest win I ever had. Good strategy can win you races even if you are struggling in to get top 20's position. Overall nice coasting season for me to train the new driver :]

S66 A-18 - Ending the season with a cup win when you are not supposed to because the leader got some two random driver's before the end, was unexpected and quite favorable to me, as extra cash helps, especially when ammy's became stronger. As for the season, I was stable in the mid pack, had few podium finishes, enough point's finishes, stable season for as planned. Let's see if my plan for the upcoming seasons will be as good as this one :]

S67 A-18 - Well this was one interesting season, with the hunt for the driver extension, up to holding back for not accidentally promoting to Pro's. Which in the end hurt me slightly, because under-performing forced me to say goodbye to two sponsors, which I'll need to get back next season. Had great and good races this season and looking forward to the next one :]

S68 A-18 - The best season I had in amateur's :] It was really fun to race when going for promotion, the challenge was from the start, till the end and it made it even better to race. Season seemed to go for me really well, got only two pole's, but both of them were wins :] Was really happy how it went till the season's end, where the last race screwed some stuff for me, how badly I will know soon, well I hope everything will work out for me in the end, as I have won the group and the cup and now the journey in Pro 7 start's :]

S69 P-7 - This was one of the most expensive seasons I ever had due to decisions made in mid season. As for the 1st season in Pro's I learned quite a lot, so I think I would know what to do next time I'll go into the Pro's :] The season was really interesting and some races were quite bad due to my strategy choices, but that's why you keep on learning, to get better and learn from your mistakes. Most importantly I have to be patient, which is harder and harder to do :D As for the next season ... well it will be an even more interesting one :D

S70 P-7 - This was one of the toughest seasons for me, when I had to push on positive balance and most of the time smoke on negative one, so I could save part's and money to a degree which allowed me to race. The season was going great in term's of point's got, till I missed two races in a row. One due to RL stuff and other just being a human and forgetting that there's a race coming up :D Well thing's happen and you can't change that, I just hope not to repeat it again. If not for those two missed race's, I have probably got a chance to promote to Master's, but due to missed one race, I did not had enough money to upgrade needed part's and another missed race ruined all plan's of getting a good positive balance to push for that promotion spot. So after that I decided to keep as high car level as I can and return to ammy's by going into negative, because another season with such management would be too hard to complete :]

S71 A-87 - Back to amateur's and this was one of the toughest seasons I ever had there. When I relegated, I thought it will be quite easy, it appear's that downgrading some part's made me quite slow, especially when my car was handling based and whole season was power based. So all my relegation plans went south and froze me to hughe debt, which will make my next season, not good as well, as it will be a strugle to stand up financially. Learned something new, but it was way too punishing than anticipated ... Well good luck for me on the next season, which do's not seem to be going well ... [at the moment of writing S72 - R09]

S72 A-87 - This one was hell of a season to keep a decent income, but somehow managed it and stayed in amateur's. I managed to upgrade my car, FINALLY, so it's more decent now and should have a better season start if I get a new driver which is capable of good results, if not, it will be another painfull season. Looking to the future ....

S73 A-87 - Maybe the worst season I ever had in amateur's, which started so badly, that I was unable to get a good driver in three market's, so I had to race with bad random driver's in two races. After that I got a build up driver, but financially I was unable to keep scoring good results so I could manage my finances better. Overall season was awefull and hard, I hope the next one will not have the same start as this one had ...

S74 A-87 - Way better season than other's. Got my financial situation sorted out and built up car level, which did not gave me enough performance last two seasons. As for the whole season, it was normal compared to strategys chosen, but I expected a better outcome in some cases. Well overall, season was good and I'm looking forward to next one :]

S75 A-87 - Oh boy, this reminded me of my youth summer day's, rain, rain and more rain, when you thought there will be no rain, it still rained :D A chaotic season indeed. Well due to such inconsistant weather, it ruined my plans, so I was forced to choose completly different stratgy and my finances got hit by it. Plus other's chose more safer strategies this season, which did not help me as well. I hope for better next season, but a new implementation is here which affect's rain performances, so it will be an interesting one ... I just hope we don't have as much rain as we did this season ...

S76 A-87 - Well, I totally forgot, how that season went, but I did miss one race, which had some impact in my financial status and it made my next season way harder than anticipated. As for the season, it was quite calm and decent season as for not using any risks. The next season is all about expermentation with different ideas, will see how it will pan out :]

S77 A-87 - The seasons started not the way I wanted, which made me reconsider my plans and in the middle of the season I got lost on what I supposed to do and ended up with a single option left, to promote to pro's with barely any cash, while my season plan was to retain. I think I keep making too many mistakes, which forces me to dig myself from the hole I got it :D I hope I have good showel for season 78, as I will need to dig it HARD in PRO's.

S78 P-23 - Horrible season ... don't want to comment on it, nor remember it ... Lost everything in that season, including motivation to continue playing ...

S79 R-146 - Well this season was as anticipated, easy, calm and refreshing. I think I built up my motivation to continue playing. I hope I won't loose it by coming back to amateurs and will be able to conitnue and move forward towards the Elite :]

S80 & S81 A-37 - I actually forgot to fill this one in, but basically a rebuilding and driver training seasons, nothing special, that's why I probably forgot to mention it here, well, this season is going better(S82) so I hope it will go as planned, otherwise, I might end up facing financial problems two seaons later :/

S82 A-37 - Season was pretty good, almost everything went acording to my plans, few races screwd me over financially and then at the end of the season went on holidays and due to that fact that there were basically no cellular signal, I was unable to finish my season as I wanted. Well nothing can be done now, next season is ahead of me and this time hoping it will go as planned :]

S83 A-37 - Was a really amazing season, had lot's of fun, the fight for promotion in top 3 spots was always there, trading podiums and wins almost every race. Blast of the season, including finances, were gone before I knew it :D But I did some experimenting and it actually worked :] Now it's time to shine in Pro's, this time I tend to stay and go for promotion when I see fit :]

S84 P-1 - My idea of getting points on handling based track at the begining of the season, went south, towards north pole :D So I was unable to gete enough points to retain, due to financial situation I was forced to keep downgrading on Power based tracks, so my performance near the end was droping. Well next time, promote with more cash in the bank, as for the season it went as well as my finances allowed me to. Now a rebuilding season back in ammys.

S85 A-38 - The season was going really well for me, everything just went as planned till I got sick and had to be hospitalized. Fortunately it wasin't covid, but still quite serious purulent tonsillitis, which treament went without any surgery, which is fantastic :] Well for the next season, I just hope to repeat the same results, but this time participate in all races :]

S86 A-38 - This season was very calm, uncompetitive in a way, but still managed to extract out of it, few things who I hope will help me to move forward. I did miss a race, due to setting my alarm to wake up for the race start, instead of qualification. Well sh** happenes and you can't be perfect all the time :] As for the next season, I hope to have a good calm season, with better results :]

S87 A-38 - This was one of those seasons, when u can't push because u end up promoting too early, so whole seasons was mostly planned on slow pace and few points, but some races ended up with way better performance than anticipated. Which created some tension to stay out of promotion zone :] Overall and expensive season which did not allowed to save enough, but did not went broke eather :]