Coca-Cola Racing

Daniël Du PlessisManuel MullerFrancois HeunisRudolf PrinslooSteffan Wetke

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Livery del equipo:
Nombre del equipo: Coca-Cola Racing
Sitio web del equipo: Ninguno
Creado: Temporada 26, Carrera 1
Campeonatos: 0
Copas eliminatorias ganadas: 0
Total de puntos: 13,204.70
Promedio de puntos/carrera: 11.00
Promedio de puntos/temporada: 187.07
Posición promedio: 436.83
Mayor cantidad de puntos en una carrera: 27.13 (Temporada 64, Carrera 17)
Posición en la temporada: 387
Puntos en la temporada: 88.2004
Logros del equipo:

10% desbloqueado

Más miembros en Elite: 0
Miembros llevados a Elite: 0
Cantidad de carreras representado en:
Resultados acumulados:
Resultados esta temporada:
Cantidad de supporters: 0
Lugares libres: 5

Gestión del equipo

Lugar País Nombre del Manager Grupo Contribución
01. Daniël Du Plessis Rookie - 1 15.5% (7.4%)
02. Manuel Muller Rookie - 64 13.9% (2.5%)
03. Francois Heunis Amateur - 6 31.4% (8.8%)
04. Rudolf Prinsloo Amateur - 68 23.6% (0.7%)
05. Steffan Wetke Rookie - 53 15.6% (0.1%)

Logo del equipo

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Welcome to Coca-Cola Racing!


To have no relegations and some promotions

About Coca-Cola Racing

We are a group of English speaking drivers who strive for in-game improvement and help each other every step of the way. We have a great group of active drivers. We are a fun, outgoing team who is ever growing and working together to get to the top.

For applicants:
1. Want to join the team? Send a pm to the team leader.
2. If team is full, message the team leader. If anybody leaves or happens not to be active, you'll be the one to take his/her place over.
3. Please be able to read and write in English.
4. Please be active. Players who miss more than 4 races in a row without team contact will be kicked from the team. (You can holiday your account as the "CCRO" makes it easer)
5. Please share with the team. We encourage managers to help team members when possible.

What we can offer:
1. Experienced managers to help with problems / answer questions.
2. A friendly and outgoing group of guys.
3. Ever improving and competitive team - if you ain't first, you're last.
4. Active team.
5. Data scraping spread sheet to help with setup is available for team members - Always changing.(currently not availible due to IE 11 not being supported, is busy to create a Chrome scraper)

Team records
Best position 104th 65
Most points 351.87 76

Top Contributors:
80 Lutendo
81 Daniël
82 Sheldon
... ...
89 Benson