Joker Racing

Maria PazosDaniel MenoniAlfredo AvilaFrancisco MerteDani BarrenoKatrina BrewerBartłomiej GrałekMalykh AleksandrHamish MurraySebastian Mantovan

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Livery del equipo:
Nombre del equipo: Joker Racing
Sitio web del equipo: Ninguno
Creado: Temporada 15, Carrera 1
Campeonatos: 0
Copas eliminatorias ganadas: 0
Total de puntos: 16,051.32
Promedio de puntos/carrera: 11.27
Promedio de puntos/temporada: 191.62
Posición promedio: 421.14
Mayor cantidad de puntos en una carrera: 29.80 (Temporada 15, Carrera 16)
Posición en la temporada: 278
Puntos en la temporada: 168.8666
Logros del equipo:

14% desbloqueado

Más miembros en Elite: 1 (Temp 89, Carrera 1)
Miembros llevados a Elite: 1
Cantidad de carreras representado en:
Resultados acumulados:
Resultados esta temporada:
Cantidad de supporters: 5
Lugares libres: 0

Gestión del equipo

Lugar País Nombre del Manager Grupo Contribución
01. Maria Pazos Pro - 22 9.9% (7.8%)
02. Daniel Menoni Rookie - 43 13.5% (6%)
03. Alfredo Avila Rookie - 76 7.2% (2.7%)
04. Francisco Merte Pro - 16 24.6% (5.2%)
05. Dani Barreno Amateur - 43 3.6% (1%)
06. Katrina Brewer Amateur - 71 17% (1%)
07. Bartłomiej Grałek Amateur - 43 13.4% (0.7%)
08. Malykh Aleksandr Rookie - 81 8.7% (0.1%)
09. Hamish Murray Rookie - 149 1.3% (0%)
10. Sebastian Mantovan Rookie - 136 0.8% (0%)

Logo del equipo

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**A special thanks to Mauro Saccoccia for his incredible collaboration, to carry out the design
of the new car, and team logo.

We are in the midst of a rebuilding process so if you would like to be a part of it, do apply now!

The path is long and therefore, we expect teammembers to commit to the team for a long period of time. Needless to say, we race every race and contribute to the team by being as active as possible. We are proud and have fun whether it rains or shines.

Requirements for applications are simple.
The applicants need to have at least 1 full GPRO season completed.
- must be able to read and type English
- supporter status is required.
- must be willing to share data.
-In their PM, the applicants need to show desire to improve and help improve the rest of his teammates.
- Latinamerican people will have special treatment, but should at least be able to communicate in english (If there's non spanish-speaking people)