..::Pole to Pole Racing::..

Pavel PobirovskiSam WrycraftMark QuinnRejean PitreWilliam VielmaTravis DugganLeigh BarkerErman BeleguIván Rodríguez

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Livery del equipo:
Nombre del equipo: ..::Pole to Pole Racing::..
Sitio web del equipo: https://www.gpro.net
Creado: Temporada 17, Carrera 17
Campeonatos: 0
Copas eliminatorias ganadas: 0
Total de puntos: 27,393.34
Promedio de puntos/carrera: 19.82
Promedio de puntos/temporada: 336.97
Posición promedio: 159.84
Mayor cantidad de puntos en una carrera: 40.87 (Temporada 33, Carrera 5)
Posición en la temporada: 254
Puntos en la temporada: 56.3333
Logros del equipo:

24% desbloqueado

Más miembros en Elite: 1 (Temp 31, Carrera 1)
Miembros llevados a Elite: 2
Cantidad de carreras representado en:
Resultados acumulados:
Resultados esta temporada:
Cantidad de supporters: 4
Lugares libres: 1

Gestión del equipo

Lugar País Nombre del Manager Grupo Contribución
01. Pavel Pobirovski Pro - 15 8.5% (8.1%)
02. Sam Wrycraft Amateur - 20 25.6% (1.3%)
03. Mark Quinn Amateur - 41 8.5% (1%)
04. Rejean Pitre Amateur - 2 15.6% (1%)
05. William Vielma Pro - 10 27% (0.7%)
06. Travis Duggan Amateur - 7 4% (0.5%)
07. Leigh Barker Rookie - 56 10.8% (3.5%)
08. Erman Belegu Amateur - 19 0% (0.3%)
09. Iván Rodríguez Amateur - 75 0% (0%)

Logo del equipo

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The Pole to Pole Racing Team was created in Dec 2009 (S17 - R17) with the aim of bringing together a number of committed GPRO Managers from around the World in the aim of becoming the ultimate GPRO Champions.

Sanjai - The Strategist
Pavel - The knowledge Hub
Leigh - The Mad Max
Luciano - The Shooter
Deepak - The Technical sprinter
Piotr - The Builder
Nikita - The Rocket Women
Sam - The Twin 1
Jose - The Twin 2

Yes - We are pole to Pole Racing Team !!!

The team is active with managers who are willing to contribute to the team, participate in discussions in the team forum and also have some fun!

GPRO Supporters are preferred but a good manager is never turned away!

In summary the applicants should fulfill these specifications:

- Willing to be active in the team forum
- Supporters preferred who will maintain their status
- Good English knowledge
- Wants to help the other team members

The team can offer you:

- Full race strategies
- A lot of team discussion
- Very active team forum
- A lot of data (and some other unique things you can only find out when you join)

If you think that you are good enough PM me, because applications without PM will be rejected. In your PM please tell me:

- What can you offer the team?
- What are your goals - this season and long term?
- Anything else that you think that will help you to become one of the new members of the team

Anyone who is interested PM one of us. Don't be afraid to apply, everyone will get reply.