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Nimi:Mark Gill
Maa: Yhdysvallat
Viimeksi aktiivinen: 22.04.2019, 04:50:26
Forum viestit:19  (Etsi viestit)
GPRO Trophyt: 0
GP-Kilpailut:0 (721)
Pisteet:0 (1182)
Voitot:0 (32)
Podiumit:0 (96)
Paalupaikat:0 (18)
Nop. kierr.:0 (9)
Pistettä/kilpailu: - (1.64)
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Pika faktat

Ensimmäinen GP: Kausi 27, Kilpailu 7
GPRO:ssa vietetty aika:1374.8 Tuntia
Syntymäaika: -

Game data overview

Ryhmä:Pro - 22
Kausi sijoitus:6
Varallisuus: $??.???.???
Kuljettaja: Alex Carol (145)
Tek Joht.: Ei ole
Henkilöstö Overall:31
Renk.: blank
Tiimin nimi: Revolution
Team position:690


CTP (A64) - 22 kilpailua
BellWest (P2) - 24 kilpailua
Oliver Sweaney (P2) - 1 kilpailua
Bank of Americans (A64) - 18 kilpailua
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Managerin Mark Gill merkinnät (Viimeksi päivitetty: 2.02.2015, 07:38:13)
Working on more advanced analysis techniques and digging deep for my statistics knowledge that I remember from school. Good stuff!

Season history

Season 44
Was good to get a win again! Lining up for a promo season in Season 45.

Season 43
Driver is coming along and am now able to score some points to finish mid pack for the season. Can now focus on driver planning.

Season 42
Back in amateur with a new driver for the long run. Will take a few seasons in Amat to get the driver attributes where I think I want them. Expecting to be here for a while.

Season 41
Second season in Pro didnt go well. Somehow did worse this season when compared to the one before. Time to relegate and reset.

Season 40
Looks like I barely made it. Retained in the final three laps of the final race of the season. Couldnt have been much closer. But looking forward to another good season in Pro. Expecting to promote in season 42.

Season 39
Finally promoted to Pro. Took second place in Amateur league, looking forward to the added complexity that the Pro level brings. Now back to fighting to retain with any points I can get!

Season 38
Another year full of training and contract renewals. Mid table position in Amateur.

Season 37
Scored enough points to retain and align driver for a planned promotion to Pro in Season 40. Two more seasons planned for amateur!

Season 36
Back in amateur. Spent much more time focused on driver planning so what happened in season 32 doesnt happen to me again. Was able to retain and have now completed four seasons with the same driver. Expecting to be able to keep him for at least four more.

Season 35
Push to take the rookie group. Didnt quite make first but took second place. Now making my second run in amateur with a driver with clearly different skills than last time around. Lets see how we do.

Season 34
Developing rookie driver nicely. Aligning to not yet promote - room for another year of experience in there!

Season 33
A nice start with a new driver. Testing some new theories along with the well known attributes of a good driver. Was able to score some points with the new driver and plan to be another season in rookie to maximize potential. I'm finding it really fun to come back to rookie to do a better job planning for the future.

Season 32
Disaster strikes in the second season in Amateur. I had assumed I had enough points to stay in the group into Season 33. Driver skills coming along nicely and contract renewal taken place at the perfect time. Then I miss the top 24 by one point! My plans to make a run in Amateur in Season 33 are done - starting over again. Hard lesson learned about season planning for sure.

Season 31
First season in Amateur. Learning about the changes and managed to retain position in group after the season. Near the end of the season made a team change and now on a full team. Looking for a better finish in Season 32.

Season 30
Was able to win group in Season 30 and take the cup. Took promotion to amateur and will be using Season 31 to advance driver skills. Penguin Moshpit continues on with 5 members at the start of the season, we are on the lookout for those that want to join a laidback team with a high interest in being successful. Drop me a note to join us.

Season 29
Now playing with enough foresight to be preparing a new driver for Season 30. Experience with managing and controlling driver OA levels to maximize stats. Stayed with same team with a team name change (Penguin Moshpit). Near the end of the season the leaders of the team moved on to new teams, the rookies and the amateurs are sticking with it to rebuild the team. Scored more than 40 points this season for 7th place finish. The last six races of the season brought finishes in the top 6 for each race with 3 podiums. Anticipating a promotion to amateur in Season 30.

Season 28
Still learning. Halfway trhough the season joined a team (Androb Racers) which was a huge plus for me. Significantly altered my play and focus on what is important. That team really helped me get going. First season with a top 10 finish in rookie.

Season 27
New to the game, getting oriented. No clue about the real detialed analysis thats required to be successful!