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Nom:Phil Maunder
Pays: Angleterre
Date d'inscription:20 Mars , 2010
Dernière activité: 31 Juil 2019, 10:11:36
Posts sur le forum:9979  (Voir les posts)
Trophées GPRO: 0
Nombre de GPs:0 (615)
Points marqués:0 (1050)
Victoires:0 (28)
Podiums:0 (78)
Pole positions:0 (18)
Meilleurs tours:0 (23)
Moy pts/GP: - (1.71)
Certificat: Le manager a réussi le test de certification GPRO ! (16 Juil , 2017)

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Premier GP: Saison 19, Course 4
Nombre de connexions:21024
Temps passé sur GPRO:7866.9 heures
Date de naissance: -
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Situation personnelle:Marié(e) dans ses rêves

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Argent: $?
Pilote: Aucun
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Niveau global du staff:0
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Position de l'équipe:0
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Carrière de Phil Maunder (Dernière mise à jour: 22 Juil 2017, 18:35:42)
Season 19 - Ran out of money in first season. Caught the GPRO bug but had to stop due to work commitments

Season 20 - Beer & drugs
Season 21 - Beer & drugs & fighting
Season 22 - Drugs & fighting (no beer this season)
Season 23 - fighting & drugs

Season 24 - Reunited with GPRO & team =EPIC= racing by my old haunts Stevie, Dave & Stu. Promoted to Ammy

Season 25 - Retained Ammy with 60m scoring 3 podiums en route

Season 26 - Promoted from Ammy in 3rd position scoring 6 podiums including 3 wins

Season 27 - Retained pro with comfortable amount of points. Won a race, very welcome suprise otherwise no podiums.

Season 28 - Retained pro with a decent points haul. Dissappointed not to score a podium all season, going back to basics for

Season 29 - Retained pro (just!). Yokomamas definitely not for the feint hearted if you have a shit driver! :D

Season 30 - A season of randoms & lots of swearing. Tough financially but a triumphant return to the podium in the last race stops me from slitting me wrists.

Season 31 - Strange season of two halves. Wasn't supposed to get promoted but did! Now in Master with not much money & not a great car. Oh well, it gives everone else a chance >:)

Season 32 - It was a tight budget to get competitive this season & 3 DNF in the first 5 races soon destroyed any hope of retaining. Still a constructive season despite eventually packing my bags & heading back to Pro, I'll keep going to Ammy I think & lick my wounds there >:)

Season 33 - Took a 'break' from GPRO as I mindlessly relegate straight from Pro back to Ammy. Driver, car & staff are ready! Time to climb the ladder again >:)

Season 34 - Can't decide to promote next season or cruise along making loads of money .... hmmm I do miss racing though :(

Season 35 - Yay! finally winning again! \o/

Season 36 - Back in Pro after winning ammy championship. As they might say on twitter, #shouldhavesavedmoney. Enjoying Pro (so far!!!) erm.... where are all the Badyear tyres? There were Badyear tyres in pro last time I was here.... #easy?

Season 37 - My word. What a lot of car wear this season. Honestly not sure what the plan is at the moment, might just wing it!

Season 38 - Ok so I'm looking a bit slow & I have no money. Still.... gives everyone else a chance >:)

Season 39 - Objective: make the car good without spending money, make the driver good without spending money, make the staff good without spending money, win races with bad car, driver & staff. I would say how I'm going to do that but I can't just reveal all my secrets! :)

wehn can sponsors?

Season 40 - So, this is my build season. I've heard about these. Not sure what I build exactly but we shall see. Sounds kinda boring actually .... might waste all my money instead :D

Season 41 - 2 start crashes in the first 3 races in a season I had so much hope for. There are neither the hours in the day or the space on this server for me to truly express how I feel using the darkest, most offensive phrases of the English lexicon. So I shall simply say.....

.... bugger it. On the plus side, still managed to promote to Master cos I is ace innit

Season 42 - I'm in Master

Season 43 - Somehow I'm still in Master, Master...

Just call my name, 'cause I'll hear you scream

Season 44 - Back to Pro with no plan & no sponsors. Keeps things interesting tho as having sponsors & planning things was getting boring.

Season 45 - I'm back in Ammy now so hopefully I can stop being shit.


Season 47 - No action to report this season. I think I'm building for the future..... could just be wasting my life. - or both.

I didn't update this since season 47. How 'bout that...

Season 48 to 59 - Rage

Season 60 - So long and thanks for all the fish :)

My thoughts with all devs, admins, mods and players of this fine game - past, present and future. Particular those who are no longer with us.