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Nom:Sam Norris
Pays: Angleterre
Date d'inscription:5 Mai , 2013
Dernière activité: Aujourd'hui à 15:45:06
Posts sur le forum:351  (Voir les posts)
Trophées GPRO: 0
Nombre de GPs:15 (764)
Points marqués:34 (2017)
Victoires:1 (96)
Podiums:2 (181)
Pole positions:1 (103)
Meilleurs tours:1 (83)
Moy pts/GP: 2.27 (2.64)
Certificat: Le manager n'a pas encore passé le test de certification GPRO ! Pas encore

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Premier GP: Saison 36, Course 3
Nombre de connexions:7223
Temps passé sur GPRO:6289.9 heures
Date de naissance: -
Lieu de naissance:-
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Situation personnelle:-

Aperçu des données du jeu

Groupe:Rookie - 77
Place saison:7
Argent: $-?.???.???
Pilote: Claudio Galli (103)
Directeur Technique: Aucun
Niveau global du staff:4
Pneus: Pipirelli
Nom de l'équipe: -
Position de l'équipe:0
Points de l'équipe:


Fujiu (R77) - 8 courses
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Carrière de Sam Norris (Dernière mise à jour: 22 Mars 2021, 20:03:20)
S36-46 Back wehn rookie and ama were tougher, slowly learning game with help from friends, proceeding cautiously for first 10 seasons.

S47-56 Finally joined my first team in Madtaff's Rebels Racing which was a fun time figuring more stuff out but spending too long in ama.

S57-S72 Got chance to join friends at Volkswagen Racing to really start pushing but spent some time as a 'super ama' which afforded me the chance to use michis in Pro which was fun. But in S66 I got the itch and started the Elite attempt.

S73 Pretty cool to make Elite, scored early and even managed to get a fastest lap which was quite unexpected! Alas 6 points was somehow not enough and i was relegated. Almost quit game there as i had achieved all my real targets but figured there was still some fun to be had.

S74-79 Took a while to figure out what to do and some tough sandbagging in ama preparing for my blowout retirement season.

S80 Max pace = fun. Wanted to win 17/17 and One Big Race as main targets. Also thought i could break some track records late on with lvl9+ car. Got more than expected and dodged the dreaded DNF random. Faultless season from my supreme driver Edoardo, who made zero mistakes all season, and got to race in a level 11 car!

S81-? Retirement

Very pleased to be able to retire in style. But I'm sure I will be back at some point as those Rookie records are made to be broken and Rookie OBR might not be so easy...