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Nom:Sagar Abhyankar
Pays: Inde
Date d'inscription:30 Septembre , 2014
Dernière activité: Aujourd'hui à 14:01:18
Posts sur le forum:910  (Voir les posts)
Trophées GPRO: 0
Nombre de GPs:16 (685)
Points marqués:47 (1585)
Victoires:0 (51)
Podiums:4 (147)
Pole positions:1 (75)
Meilleurs tours:0 (38)
Moy pts/GP: 2.94 (2.31)
Certificat: Le manager a réussi le test de certification GPRO ! (11 Juillet , 2015)

47% débloqués

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Premier GP: Saison 44, Course 4
Nombre de connexions:14413
Temps passé sur GPRO:6878.4 heures
Date de naissance: -
Lieu de naissance:-
Lieu de résidence:-
Situation personnelle:-

Aperçu des données du jeu

Groupe:Amateur - 60
Place saison:4
Argent: $-???.???
Pilote: Nelson Panis (144)
Directeur Technique: Aucun
Niveau global du staff:15
Pneus: Pipirelli
Nom de l'équipe: Autonomous
Position de l'équipe:187
Points de l'équipe:281.2666


TargetMe (A60) - 23 courses
Vodaphone (R145) - 16 courses
Black&Blacker (A60) - 9 courses
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Carrière de Sagar Abhyankar (Dernière mise à jour: 21 Juin 2022, 19:52:17)
So a Track Record Holder in Qualifying on Sepang in Pros


Dont be upset when people reject you. Nice things are rejected by people who cant afford them (It has been proved time and again)

I believe that rejection is a blessing because it's the universe's way of telling you that there's something better out there.

If I am Mentoring you

hello! Just a few quick words on how I go about mentoring. I am not the kind of person that will hand over tons of information willy nilly. I do not respond well to things like "any tips to help me?" or the like.

I will, however, respond very well (and some might say I give away a bit too much) to specific questions. Meaning, if you are being proactive and researching into the game enough to be able to ask a technical question, expect an insightful answer from me.

I also like to ask you questions, and lots of them, especially if you are being proactive. I tend to ask you rhetorical questions, questions that will either help me estimate your state of progress, or questions designed to make you think about something specific. If you see "..........." you should probably think about the statement before it!

NOTE: I will attempt to draw you into discussions, but if you are not at least attempting to he active in the discussion, I am more than willing to give passive answers to your passive questions.

The moral of this whole story is that I expect YOU to take the lead in the mentor/mentee relationship via asksng questions. The more insightful the questions, the more insightful the answer.

Team History

Fittlipaldi / Sahara Force India F1 / 4sure Racing

Duration : S44 R5 --> S48 R10 (was inactive for some time in S46)

70 races overall.... One of the worst times for me in GPRO. The most lamest teams I have ever seen. No communication whatsoever....

Red S Racing

Duration : S48 R10 --> S55 R7 (was inactive for some time in S50)
Two stints overall... completed 95 races

It was a team with good camaraderie, solid team; not very aspiring, but learned valuable things... Overall a nice bunch.... I decided to move on to the Malatis

Malati Family

Duration : S55 R7 --> S59 R1
62 Races overall

Joined long before they became great. That time we were all playing very relaxed.
Learned a lot here.... gave me a different trajectory... Thanks to the Malatis.... I promoted to Pro for first time.... Absolute class bunch... But a new opportunity arose on the horizon... so I decided to move on

Victorious Family

66 races with this beautiful family.....

One of the best times ever for me in GPRO.... The banter on team chat... Met most nice people here.....Dean, Tinie, Elmo, Peter Both, Wouter Teuwen and our great friend late Mark McTaggert to mention a few....

These guys operated on a different level than Malatis (at that time)

I was solely responsible for my own downfall (Learnt a lesson regarding Loyalty here)..... It was heartbreaking and still is.........

It was more annoying that the teams which I applied did not kept privacy of my application ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Absolutely the best camaraderie...


Duration : S63 R16 --> S67 R1

53 Races overall

It was a team with good camaraderie, solid team... But I decided to move on to In Motion (long term project)

In Motion

Duration : S67 R1 --> S79 R3 (Some inactivity in between)

171 races with them

One of the best teams I have ever been.... Had a great nice long term vision... We worked together on a long term project...
Unfortunately wheels came off towards the end and it was scraped... was heartbroken..... Thanks to Victor for putting a lot of effort in......


Duration : S79 R3 --> S83 R3

68 races with them

It was a team with good camaraderie, solid team; not very aspiring, Good people..... Active forum... very helping...

Then it was the one of the worst decisions (on my part) I have ever made by leaving these guys and joining JBR....

JButton Racing2

Duration : S83 R4 --> S84 R1

14 races with them

Nothing against these guys... Toni and Jani are reallly helpful

Where should I start?

As it was a 15-20 member family..... I expected a lot of things like active forum, active chat..... But it was the opposite....

This quote suits this team
'The shop is very fancy, but the stuff is bland' (This is my POV)

This is a very experienced team no doubt about that.... Unfortunately my wavelength did not match

Around this time.... I had become demotivated.... and had some RL issues to sort out

Silly Gamers

Duration : S84 R10 --> S86 R1 (Due to my non racing inactivity GPRO decided to kick me out)

24 races with them (Raced much less than 24)

As the name suggests These are the silly gamers...... who rocks the Silly games on Forums. I was playing some silly games....

I tried to kept motivated by staying in a team..... RL issues / COVID got the better of me.... which eventually led to my retirement