Cani Malati

Jamie GainsfordBabis PapoutsisToni NenKevin GlassenburyAhmet OzturkJoseph BadaJackson TennantVicente RochaBrad Marshall

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Livrée d'équipe:
Nom: Cani Malati
Site web:
Création: Saison 40, Course 1
Championnats: 0
Victoire(s) en coupe: 0
Points totaux: 19,997.80
Moyenne points/course: 20.79
Moyenne points/saison: 353.39
Position moyenne: 164.18
Plus de points gagnés sur 1 course: 40.40 (Saison 79, Course 11)
Classement saison: 249
Points saison: 145.8002
Challenges de l'équipe:

24% débloqués

Le plus de membres en Elite: 1 (Saison 74, Course 1)
Membres amenés en Elite: 3
Nombre de courses courues en:
Résultats totaux:
Résultats de cette saison:
Nombre de supporters: 1
Places libres: 0 (Aucune candidature acceptée)

Membres de l'équipe

Place Nat. Nom du manager Groupe Contribution
01. Jamie Gainsford Amateur - 14 24.4% (3.5%)
02. Babis Papoutsis Amateur - 28 11% (6.9%)
03. Toni Nen Amateur - 7 9.2% (3%)
04. Kevin Glassenbury Pro - 22 1.2% (9.3%)
05. Ahmet Ozturk Master - 1 14.4% (7.4%)
06. Joseph Bada Amateur - 60 6.5% (2.1%)
07. Jackson Tennant Pro - 16 15% (1.3%)
08. Vicente Rocha Pro - 6 16.9% (0.2%)
09. Brad Marshall1 Amateur - 29 1.4% (0.5%)

Logo de l'équipe

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The CANI MALATI team was established in Season 40 by Carlo Merli. Some 15 seasons later, the family has grown to three teams. Everyone is welcome here regardless of previous experience, as long as you are willing to commit to the team on the long term and are keen to improve your game all the time.

As of Season 74, our family has helped 16 members reach Master for the first time. 4 of them have gone on to Elite.

Our Discord chat and external team forum are active and full of guides and other useful information. Our tools help you plan every little detail in your career.

If you would like to join this successful project, contact one of our team leaders or come to the chat, where you will regularly find some of our members!

Recent highlights:
- S72: George Slater scores Malati's first Elite points and podium
- S72: two of our teams reach the quarter finals of the Team Cup
- S72: best ever team result - 7th
- S74: George Slater takes our first ever Elite race win
- S76: Jasper Coosemans becomes Elite Champion
- S77: best ever team result - 6th (Cuccioli Malati)
- S79: first complete Malati podium in Elite (G. Slater, J. Coosemans, W. Kirstein - R9)
- S80: Joachim Rang becomes Elite Champion

CANI MALATI (Sick Dogs) (est. S40)


CUCCIOLI MALATI (Sick Puppies) (est. S50)


CAVALLI MALATI (Sick Horses) (est. S56)