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#152. Mar 15th 2019, 14:05:58 (Season 69, Race 7) Author
Manager profiles have had a facelift to better organize the information on them and to look more shiny.

Vladimir Alexandrov
#151. Dec 12th 2018, 00:29:00 (Season 68, Race 1) Author
Added view tracks on next season calendar on tracks list.

Stefan Voggenreither
#150. Dec 9th 2018, 21:05:00 (Season 68, Race 1) Author
Fixed the calculation of the achievements Firestarter and Perfection freak. The relevant managers were rewarded the missing achievements retrospectively.

Stefan Voggenreither
#149. Dec 6th 2018, 17:52:52 (Season 67, Race 17) Author
Added a country filter to the page "Managers without a team". Also added class statistics to the public polls section.

Vladimir Alexandrov
#148. Sep 19th 2018, 18:34:52 (Season 66, Race 13) Author
Added a new team achievement:

Endurance top scorers (Score most points of all teams in all 17 races of the season)

The teams who achieved it in the past have been rewarded the ahcievement retroactively.

Vladimir Alexandrov
#147. Sep 17th 2018, 09:04:13 (Season 66, Race 12) Author
Corrected the Paul Ricard track map. No track data has been changed.

Long story: so far for many seasons we've been using wrongly the long version layout while the track data was for the short version. Now we have the correct short version track map. The long version of Paul Ricard may be reintroduced as a new track in the future.

Vladimir Alexandrov
#146. Sep 11th 2018, 15:09:04 (Season 66, Race 10) Author
Changed the layout of the sponsors negotiations overview and added some more goodies to it like Sponsor satisfaction, Estimated average progress and made the columns of the ongoing negotiations table sortable.

Also fixed a bug in the race update which caused some driver skills to be saved wrong in the race analysis.

Last but not least increased the Rookie group size to 50 managers to allow better handling of new player registration spikes.

Vladimir Alexandrov
#145. Aug 28th 2018, 15:46:19 (Season 66, Race 6) Author
Implemented a security token which doesn't allow HTML forms loaded from one account to be submitted successfully on another. This only applies to important in-game forms and should hopefully stop some small but costly mistakes related to holiday covers.

Also fixed a bug related to double pits in the race (on two consecutive laps) which resulted in a wrong pit time in some situations.

Vladimir Alexandrov
#144. Aug 4th 2018, 16:00:45 (Season 66, Race 1) Author
Added staff and facilities history for supporters.

Jukka Sireni
#143. Jul 28th 2018, 19:47:34 (Season 65, Race 16) Author
Seasons in which a track has been test track can now be seen in the track profile's history section.

Vladimir Alexandrov
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