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#175. Sep 15th 2020, 20:36:10 (Season 78, Race 1) Author
Added an experimental feature to earn free supporter credits by completing offers, answering quizzes and surveys. You can test it here.

Vladimir Alexandrov
#174. Jul 4th 2020, 09:57:57 (Season 76, Race 16) Author
Fixed a possible exploit allowing temporary raising of the sponsor cap for free (by upgrading your facilities and then reversing the update after starting additional sponsor negotiations). Starting negotiations now counts as an action and undoing the facilities update won't be possible after that.

Vladimir Alexandrov
#173. Jun 15th 2020, 21:50:24 (Season 76, Race 10) Author
If you are a GPRO supporter, you can now use BBCode in your career info on your manager profile. In similar fashion if your team has 5 or more supporters, you can use BBCode in your team information on your team profile.

The limit for using a team livery by your team has been decreased to 5 supporters as well.

Vladimir Alexandrov
#172. May 29th 2020, 18:44:54 (Season 76, Race 5) Author
Four new achievements added:

• The wall - Block 15 different managers in one race
• Enemies for life - Block a rival 60 times in one race
• Oval overtaker - Complete 50 overtakes in an oval race
• Overtaker - Complete 50 overtakes in a non oval race

All achievements have been rewarded retroactively for as far back as the underlying data exists.

Also added a possibility to undo a facilities update.

Vladimir Alexandrov
#171. Mar 20th 2020, 21:20:17 (Season 75, Race 4) Author
Due to the escalating virus situation (and the inability of some managers to participate in all races) the negative effects on sponsors from missing a race have been suspended, effective immediately.

Vladimir Alexandrov
#170. Jan 26th 2020, 23:09:29 (Season 74, Race 6) Author
Added 2 new free helmets (So5 and Ts7). Also added a "Testing laps" column and sorting possibility on the Managers' Results page.

Vladimir Alexandrov
#169. Dec 19th 2019, 21:49:26 (Season 73, Race 15) Author
• Your economy history now separates transactions according to the race they are related to. Also added paging to the table to be able to show more older transactions.

• Limited access logins will no longer update the last interaction time shown in managers' profiles

Vladimir Alexandrov
#168. Dec 14th 2019, 22:18:24 (Season 73, Race 14) Author
Added 3 new helmets to the Helmet Shop:

• Honey Badger (Can you guess on which real F1 driver helmet it is based? :) )
• Senna (No guessing needed for that one, it is based on Ayrton Senna's helmet)
• Claudio Santos (free helmet)

Vladimir Alexandrov
#167. Dec 5th 2019, 10:49:00 (Season 73, Race 11) Author
Added personal overtaking/blocking stats to the race analysis.

Vladimir Alexandrov
#166. Oct 27th 2019, 12:13:50 (Season 73, Race 1) Author
• Added a possibility for technical problems to be fixed remotely by your crew or by your driver. The chance for fixing such a problem will depend on your staff skills as well as certain driver skill.

• Fixed a bug in the race engine related to the option "If a problem occurs, should the driver pit if the problem can be solved?", when NO was chosen and the problem was solvable it wasn't solved at the next pit stop. Now it will be solved at the next scheduled pit stop.

• Added a link to the office so you can easily access the GPRO world cup (an additional tournament for national teams run by Jasper Coosemans)

Vladimir Alexandrov
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