Driver profile: Jean Karl Pescarolo

Driver information

Name: Jean Karl Pescarolo
Nationality:  (France)

Career information

Trophies: 0
Number of GPs: 151
Wins: 11
Podiums: 31
Points scored: 343
Pole positions: 9
Fastest laps: 7
Avg pts/race: 2.27

Favorite tracks

This driver has no known favorite tracks

Driver skills


Overall: 121 
Technical insight:


Weight(kg): 82 
Age: 37 

Offers from

Still no offers to this driver

Total offers: 0

Previous work history

Manager name Started working Finished working
Hugo Santana Season 51, Race 1 Season 51, Race 7
Elijanio Almeida Season 52, Race 9 Season 52, Race 17
Michał Towcik Season 53, Race 2 Season 53, Race 10
Jorge Miranda Season 54, Race 2 Season 54, Race 10
Lucas Sousa Season 54, Race 17 Season 55, Race 7
Ayhan Asanov Season 56, Race 10 Season 56, Race 17
Vassilis Kirios Season 57, Race 1 Season 57, Race 17
Dincer Dinc Season 58, Race 15 Season 59, Race 14
Luis De Leon Sanchez Season 59, Race 17 Season 62, Race 17
Bruno Silva Season 63, Race 4 Season 66, Race 3
Hugo Reis Season 68, Race 1 Season 68, Race 17
Krešo Brzović Season 69, Race 4 Season 69, Race 8

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