Driver profile: Ricardo Marques

Driver information

Name: Ricardo Marques
Nationality:  (Brazil)

Career information

Trophies: 0
Number of GPs: 42
Wins: 0
Podiums: 0
Points scored: 32
Pole positions: 0
Fastest laps: 0
Avg pts/race: 0.76

Favorite tracks

Fiorano, Adelaide

Driver skills


Overall: 87 
Technical insight:


Weight(kg): 98 
Age: 28 

Current contract details

Current owner: Pero Kajnakciev
Group:Rookie - 90
Contract length:1 race

Previous work history

Manager name Started working Finished working
Chris Strong Season 61, Race 14 Season 61, Race 17
David Martinez Season 62, Race 1 Season 62, Race 12
Janek Schults Season 63, Race 14 Season 63, Race 17
Carlos Miguel Season 64, Race 7 Season 64, Race 17
Davide Valenti Season 65, Race 17 Season 66, Race 3
Pero Kajnakciev Season 69, Race 17 Not yet

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