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Joined: Feb 9th, 2005
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Country:  (Bulgaria)
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Name: Vladimir Alexandrov

4% unlocked

Gender: Male
Birth date: -
Birthplace: -
Place of residence: -
Relationship status: Lad
Height: -
Weight: -

GPRO Statistics

GPRO Trophies: 0
Number of GPs: 0 (138)
Points scored: 0 (2)
Wins: 0 (0)
Podiums: 0 (0)
Pole positions: 0 (1)
Fastest laps: 0 (12)
Avg pts/race: - (0.01)
First GP: Beta Season 1, Race 1


Group: Rookie - 3 Sponsor 1: Alcatelics
Money: $??.???.??? Sponsor 2: -
Season position: 35th Sponsor 3: -
Certification: The manager has passed the GPRO certification test successfully! Sponsor 4: -
Sponsor 5: -
Car livery Tyres
Driver: None
Tech D: None
Team name: Groinkpff!
Arrows a21 - 2000 Pipirelli
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Vlad in action
Vlad is actually not a manager but the President of GPRO!

Cases when you should NOT contact Vlad:

• when you have a problem with mr Shadow
• when you have a forum related issue, contact a forum mod instead
• when you think you have found a bug in the game (use the bug forum instead)
• when you got a random problem in the race and want to complain about it
• when you feel the need to discuss your race tactics or results with him
• when you feel lonely and want to be friends with him
• when you need help with understanding the game or tips to improve your race results
• when you are angry that the bad weather ruined your race
• when you dreamed that you are a GPRO Crew member and want Vlad to make your dreams come true

Cases when Vlad is the right person to contact:

• when you have found a bug of a sensitive nature and it is not appropriate to share it publicly in the bug forum
• when you have questions related to GPRO supporter
• for other general game related issues (not guidance!)
• when you want to express your gratitude for the work he does for you on the site
• for business proposals related to GPRO

In the forums and when talking to him you should always refer to Vlad as "Mr President", "El presidente", "El Captain", "Monsieur le President" or "Commander in Chief" otherwise you risk to make him very angry and get yourself into trouble. :-)