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Name:Zoltan Csaba
Country: Hungary
Joined:Sep 2nd, 2009
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First GP: Season 16, Race 5
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Manager career of Zoltan Csaba (Last updated: Apr 13th 2014, 18:54:06)
Just learn, and survive. Biggest finding: high risk=no money!

Continueing the learning. The group was too storng to achive a good position. Building a database.

Aim: only way to be promoted. Achived.

Aim: staying in, at least 5lvl car.Achived!!!!

Aim: earn money as much as I can. At least lvl6 car. Staying in, of course, to finish in first ten (not achived, 11th).

Aim: earn money as much as I can. Keep lvl7 car. Staying in, of course, to finish in first ten. Achived!

Aim: Now I am going to try to be promoted. If it is not realistic, to finish in first ten. At least 1 podium.
I have to change my expectations: due to the bad season start, I wont go for the promotion. The others are valid.
Everything turned bad.:(( Bad driver with a long contract. Only aim is to start every races, and to collect datas.
So, before last race about this season: bad season start, some bad decisions, some stupid mistakes, strong group, I could find the worst driver ever. ( I could fire him, but it costed too much money.). I hope, the next season bring to me more successes.

After the terrible last season, I want to finish in top 7. At least 1 podium. Achived! (2 podiums)

I joint to my team.
Aim: I go for promotion. At least 3 podium.
The things are going well.....Unexpected good results!
I have 4 races before the end of the season, and I got promotion.
Successful season: promoted, joint to a team, much money, strong car.

I will try to stay in Pro. Achived!!!

Secret aim: to get promotion.
Yes, I did it!!!!! I am in the Master!!!

I am in Master-3. The aim is to stay in this level. Achived!!!!!

I will try try to stay in again. Achived.

I could manage to stay in the group. I have learnt a lot during these three M seasons.....
First podium in Master:)

Still in Master-3. The aim: to train my driver preparing for begining of S31; retaining in Master.
Results: 2 podiums, finish in 4th place: PROMOTION to ELITE!!!! The first Hungarian ever!!!!
Honestly I did not plan it, I am not prepared for Elite.....:(

My expectation about this season: earn money, impove the car and staff, driver for the next M season, because I wanted to go back to M. I was satisfield, because all aims were reached.

Nothing special, there was not a challange to retain. I had good car and driver. Only the 2 start accidents were not missed....

Total diappointed season. Retired....

I am out from the races.

Back from R10. Aim: to train my driver.

I have great expectation: promotion. Achived.

Aim: at least retain; lvl7 car. Done with ease.

Only one aim: PROMOTION!!! Of course with good conditions...

From S39------>
I am pushing to reach Elite again.. More are in the Manager history.

Enjoy my favourites: