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Renault RE60 - 1985
Name:Fabricio Ramos
Country: Brazil
Joined:Sep 28th, 2009
Last interaction: Today at 02:35:10
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GPRO Trophies: 0
Number of GPs:11 (1256)
Points scored:25 (2375)
Wins:0 (56)
Podiums:2 (191)
Pole positions:0 (65)
Fastest laps:0 (34)
Avg pts/race: 2.27 (1.89)
Certification: The manager has passed the GPRO certification test successfully! (Aug 10th, 2010)

42% unlocked

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Fast facts

First GP: Season 16, Race 12
Times logged on:24530
Time spent on GPRO:9980.6 hours
Birth date: -
Place of residence:-
Relationship status:Married

Game data overview

Group:Master - 5
Season position:6th
Money: $??.???.???
Driver: Taki Fushida (180)
Tech D: Patrick Fry (109)
Staff overall:38
Tyres: Badyear
Team name: Mete o Pau e Breca Seco!
Team position:11
Team points:400.1667


Nolen (M5) - 23 races
Hanleys (M5) - 5 races
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Manager career of Fabricio Ramos (Last updated: Apr 8th 2022, 22:13:26)

É tanto campeonato paralelo...
É tanta treta...
Mas independente do Gpro se for contar essas tacinhas brazucas
ninguem tem mais que eu.
Soma as de qd Overtakes eram overtakes de verdadee e as da melhor equipe nacional, MPBS


[UNQUOTE] by Portuga

___ SEASON 86 ___
45o at OBR, my best so far. Also 1700 testing laps

___ SEASON 63 ___
Master top racer :o

___ SEASON 62 ___
1st master win (finally) and some other cool achievements

___ SEASON 57 ___
1500 pts with 697 races

___ SEASON 56 ___
1st podium in Master, tks to badyear

___ SEASON 50 ___
very hard group indeed. Got dunno, let´s push!!! Blog is doing ok, tks to Brazilian and Portuguese mates´s support.
manage to promote, tks to regularity. 25th pro´s big race and 80th overall. 9th best brazilian.

___ SEASON 49 ___
hard group, started scoring pts only at the end of season. 1 podium at last race and that´s it...

___ SEASON 48 ___
doing time....

___ SEASON 47 ___
goals accomplished! Finished 97th at big race (30th pro) and 17th best brazilian. A hard season, great battles!

___ SEASON 46 ___
over 500 races and 100 podiums! :)

___ SEASON 45 ___
forget about... lost maintenance in the last race.

___ SEASON 44 ___
OK season, tks to badyear tires

___ SEASON 43 ___
Pro champion!!! :))
remarkable season, avonn was the right choice. Anthony is doing fine and will keep him.
I was among top 100 overall if season was a big race, but could not push in the last 2 races... c´est la vie. Still finished at pro´s 80th pos.
Got 5 wins and 9 podiums in a row. Also 4th best brazilian.

___ SEASON 42 ___
everything is just fine, got good bonus with the 5th place on championship + 2 wins + 2 FL´s. And I am over 1000 pts!!! :)
59th at pro big race
42th best brazilian

___ SEASON 41 ___
got a new driver and want to stick with him big time!
6th pos at Max´s Top 10.

___ SEASON 40 ___
can u believe that I had 3 randons out of 7 races and all for same reason??
Your driver was not feeling well in his helmet... SAI ZICA!!!
400 races
113th pos at big race and 36o of pro. 39th best brazilian

___ SEASON 39 ___
Sad that Carlo is gone, but it was my bad...
But happy with unexpected podium, so let's keep pushing!
80 podiums in 392 races.

___ SEASON 38 ___
ama32, strongest group ever!!! 2 managers among top10 if season was a big race in amateur. At least till R15.
But it seems I will be in pro next season, which was my goal anyway... Over 900 pts despite bad luck in the beginning of season!!!

___ SEASON 37 ___
70 podiums in 346 races. And over 800 pts!

___ SEASON 36 ___
doing time at Pro II, the last time (I promise Melchior)

___ SEASON 35 ___
coming back on Season 37

___ SEASON 34 ___
back to business!!
let's play for real
hat trick in Valencia

___ SEASON 33 ___
doing time at Pro

___ SEASON 32 ___
Over 700 pts! 6th best manager by sponsor money in amateur and 33th overall, but it could be even better as decided postpone the 4th sporsor.
somebody doesn't like me... don't know why.
Champion both group and cup !!!
finished as 10th best Brazilian and 39th in the ama big race.
Summary during Bob Mansell´s contract: 68 Gp´s, 13 wins, 29 podiums, 12 poles, 5 FL´s, 308 pts, avg pts/race = 4.53

___ SEASON 31 ___
there´s not much action on this season...

___ SEASON 30 ___
50 podiums in 233 races, not bad huh?
Over 600 pts! finished as 28th best Brazilian.

___ SEASON 29 ___
Yeongam, remarkable win !!! Over 500 pts and my 1st hattrick, finally... Yas Marina.
Managed to keep low driver´s OA and kept him. The season was OK.

___ SEASON 28 ___
rain in a oval track? come on... no comments about this season... :/ it´s time to improve stats!

___ SEASON 27 ___
over 400 pts! 4 podiums in 8 races, not bad.
Pro10 is very, very strong group. Despite cash flow issue, managed to promote tks to my regularity during whole season. Missed 4th pos in the last race however took the additional spot :) Master-2, I´m back!

___ SEASON 26 ___
let´s start it over!

___ SEASON 25 ___
1st season in Master, want to grab some pts and remain here. Failed... I didn´t score, now back to Pro...

___ SEASON 24 ___
very pleased that my strat worked out for Hockenheim. 2 overtakings thanks to very good pits, a fair win and my 1st FL.
hey, I have a win in SPA!!!
mission accomplished, going to Master! got the 4th pos in the championship. And my driver had zero motivation till R10...
finished as 13th best brazilian. 1,03% contribution (48 pts). Also got the 100th pos for all class season big race. Was 33th in Pro, which indicates good pace all season long.
Summary as pro: 55 pts, 51 Gp´s, 2 wins, 3 podiums, 1 FL, avg pts/race = 1.08

___ SEASON 23 ___
22th best car, 25th money wise, 16th driver... let's see what we can do.
3 pts on R10, started 16th and did 10 ot. Above scenario is so much different and more changes to come... and there was that 16,9s pit stop. a season to forget... finished in the red zone but still on pro and things are about to change.

___ SEASON 22 ___
1st Pro season. I´m going thru changes....
Very hard season, did several mistakes... but I'm glad to remain on pro, thanks to some friends. Learned a lot and will use such knowledge to improve results from now on. Reached 300 pts on GPRO

___ SEASON 21 ___
Good season start, won on Hockenheim and also had 2 poles (was on ama´s top10 on R1 and R7). My driver has the highest OA on A17 and money isn´t an issue. Will fight for championship.
End of season; 10 poles + 12 podiums but only 2 wins (there was that random on Monza...), 110 pts. Got p1 on quali1 out of 15 races.
In the nations trophy, finished as 5th best brazilian. 1,18% contribution (44 pts).
Summary as amateur: 167 pts, 51 Gp´s, 16 podiums, 10 poles, avg pts/race = 3.28

__ SEASON 20 ___
Keep training driver. Believe podiums are feasible and top10 is my target >> feasible no more, reality! Monaco, as usual
On top 10 standings now, will work to keep there in order to receive $$ bonus. Car looks good and we are fast enough on qualifies. >> Indeed, got 1st row at Interlagos!!!!
With some luck (meaning rainy races), beat a strong mng (Anton) and reached Cup semifinal. Beat another top4 mng (Dwayne) and reached Cup finals. Cool!!!
Despite 0 CT risk, scored 2nd place in Paul Ricard - R13. Then, my 1st win on Mugello - R14, totally unexpected!!!

__ SEASON 19 ___
Focus on Andreas´s training. Also trying to build up my $$$ for next season.
Scored my 1st point in Brno, which was crucial to continue in this group. By the way, my driver was awesome in that race.
As long as it rains, just fine! 7 pts so far. Season is over and goals were accomplished.

__ SEASON 18 ___
Timo Kaffer has proved to be a mistake... could not handle his aggressiveness and as result, we had too many tech problems during first races, which compromised the beginning of season.

Now, John is doing fantastic driving, our car is one of the best and promotion is feasible.
MONACO, 1st POLE!!!! remarkable
Btw, John is superb. Finished 2nd in the last 4 races and as result, promoted to amateur.
Season was satisfactory; 68 pts (avg 4/race), 5 poles, 8 times in the 1st row, 5 podiums.
Summary as rookie: 129 pts, 40 Gp´s, 11 podiums, 5 poles, avg pts/race = 3.22

___ SEASON 17 ___
Prior the begining of s17, I am the guy who expended more $$ in my group ($22.447.500). No updates in the car, P/H/A = 13. At least, have a good position in the Adelaide´s grid. Seems Perry was a good acquisition. // Well, guess I was right, we scored 8 fucking points in AUS!!!

1st time among the 10% fastest rookies - R7, Nurburgring!
Welcome back to podium, 3rd place in Silverstone. Not bad... a F1 temple. But promotion is not feasible... farewell celebration with podium in Japan!!! Bye, bye Perry and tks, you were great (same as Matteo, Perry vanished too)!

S17 is over, learned a lot and now I know that is better promote with money enough to do good work in amateur.

___ SEASON 16 ___
1st race = s16, Sepang (R12)
1st points = s16, Melbourne, 7th pos after 3 races
1st podium = s16, Buenos Aires (3rd without tip, nor help, nor team, just me) >> party with guapas locas!!!

Unfortunately, almost everybody smoked in the last race of season... finished 5th and Matteo´s OA reached 87, lost him... too bad as it might compromise next season (strangely, Matteo Meneghelli vanished from my drivers history).