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Name:Alexey Manukalov
Country: Russian Federation
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Manager career of Alexey Manukalov (Last updated: May 19th 2015, 09:45:02)
Climbing up to the top of Elite. Very slowly :-)


Season 21: A beta-season for me. Learning, studying, watching GPRO. Grabbed 9th place, BTW:) 31 points, 1 podium.
Season 22:
The goal - To promote to Amateur with highest possible sum of money. Let's go!
The result - A very tough season! Many competitive managers but eventually we made it, although the money on my account needs replenishing.. 4 podiums, including 1 win in Monte Carlo! 55 points and 5th place!
Season 23:
The goal - To stay in Amateur and save some money for a future jump. Besides, the driver training is the first priority as well as non-downgrading the car.
The result - This season was unexpectedly easy.. On the whole the season strategy has successfully been executed, the results were better than planned, but the money could have been more..
Season 24:
The goal: It remains almost the same: to stay in Amateur and to save more money. Besides, a top-10 position would be a great achievement, not essential though.. Hopefully, driver will become a pure monster to defeat everyone next season!
The result: Quite satisfying! 40M of cash, speedy driver, good car and 3 podiums! Great job done for Season 25.
Season 25:
The goal: Pro, wait for me! I'm surely gonna be there, although my driver is a bit slower than 4 others.. Besides, money waste is not our plan, promotion with reserves is expected.
The result: Done! A deserved promotion to Pro where the real game begins!
Season 26:
The goal: Retain. Only. Try to find out the difference between Pipi and Dunno, sign a new driverwho may be able to bring me to Elite one day.. TD research also.
The result: Awesome season in terms of pure result! 18 points got from 3 last races. Unfortunately, this was a tough season for money balance, and the driver OA exceeded 135 by the start of new season which made me change the long-term plan a lot. Joined a great team, learned much new information and met great people there, this is probably the main achievement for Season 26!
Season 27
The goal: After Race 3 I managed to drop my driver's OA to 135 and extend him for next season. It makes this season a season of regular driver training and testing. Saving mode on. Some big pushes should be enough to retain.
The result: Got 25 points which meant only 10th group in the final standings:( Anyway, it's success with Yoko tyres. I saved some money because of them which were spent on driver, staff and facilities..
Season 28
The goal: Promotion to Master. Will be very difficult because the driver is not the one who can guarantee it. Good luck!
The result: Failed. The driver was not good enough, motivation increased very hard. Time to look for a better driver. It means some stagnation during 2-3 following seasons.
Season 29
The goal: Hired a new, young driver with a very long-term prospect. Need to retain. Lots of testing.
The result: 2 pushes allowed to stay in Pro-12. Next 2-3 seasons promise to be easier.
Season 30
The goal: Despite one of the lowest OA in group in the beginning of the season, this driver will surely secure a place in Pro-12 for S31. Hopefully this position will be above 15.
The result: We turned out to have executed the worst scenario possible. Relegated from Pro with zero points, 3 big pushes were not successful. Domenico La Rosa is a huge loss..
Season 31
The goal: Okay, time to rebuild in Ama! A good driver taken, many testing planned. A few seasons here.
The result: 13 points, could be more, but randoms in wet races are not fair. The driver didn't get that much testing, but that hopefully will be corrected.
Season 32
The goal: Top-10 in standings. Level 6-7 car by the end of the season. Driver training.
The result: 5th place with 1 win, 2 silver podiums and 2 FL! 50 points, level 6 car - couldn't be better before the promotional season!
Season 33
The goal: Promotion from the 1st place, 50+ millions despite a very expensive testing track and the season on the whole. Many wins, hattricks and probably a challenge of Amateur Big Race.
The result: Amazing season! Only 1 race without a podium, many poles not only in Amateur-8, but among all Amateurs as well! The driver is purely a monster! Some money colledcted despite rather an expensive season! Back to Pro now!
Season 34
The goal: Well, now I'm in Pro more than ever prepared for all kinds of surprises:) The 1st priority is to extend driver's contract and then start preparations for promotion in Season 35. Top-10 this season seems to be achievable.
The result: A season full of events! In the very first race managed to score 4 points after which I had to lower driver's OA which ended up with 2 impatient sponsors who canceled the contract. But the biggest achievement this season is joining Supernova family. Quite happy with this signing. The 2nd half of the season was surprisingly constant. Good package for promotional season!
Season 35
The goal: Master assault. 2nd attempt. Let's deal with the sponsors and let this season be smooth!
The result: 1st place. Didn't manage to break the 100-points border because of 2 randoms, but overall the season was very impressive! 14 poles out of 17 races. And the driver is ready to jump into a tighter Master reality.
Season 36
The goal: Yay, Master-5! The goal is top-15 with sponsors in the bag ready to pay:)
The result: It was overwhelming! Became the only manager with average race result higher than 10th place! And that was achieved in 13 races, last 4 I had to avoid promotion. Managed to earn a little and must continue this positive trend.
Season 37
The goal: Well, quite an expensive season coming. Need to manipulate with driver's contract in the beginning and start preparating for promotional S38!
The result: Didn't earn this season, but upgraded some facilities and got 1 win in Masters! Time to reach Elite!
Season 38
The goal: To promote to Elite with a L9 car and 70M+ cash. If possible, win the group, although the rival is very well-equipped.
The result: Scored 102 points came 2nd after Alexander Ilyin who did a brilliant job. 88M, L9 car - welcome to Elite!
Season 39
The goal: To hire a driver, a good TD and retain. Need to plan everything accurately to maintain money balance.
The result: It was an amazing experience! Even though I hired the best available staff, they we're not able to produce good consistent results. At least I drew some conclusions which will help me in (hopefully) long Elite journey!
Season 40
The goal: After I had hired a new, younger driver, a worse but cheaper TD, I decided to invest that saved money into tyres. This season is brightly-coloured in terms of tyres, so this season promises to be exciting!
The result: A rather dry season allowed to score only once including one stupid on the only full rain race of the season. However, sposnsors situation is looking quite prosper to make a good tyre choice next season..
Season 41
The goal: My 20th season in GPRO is coloured in Bridgerock. Let's make a jump into top-10 of Elite!
The result: A superb feeling when you got 2 wins among the strongest and fastest managers in the game. 8th place in the end, but it was a bit expensive and cut some sides of my package.
Season 42
The goal: Despite missing a few testing sessions due to financial problems at the end of last season, this time Bridgerock became my choice again, now the only one in Elite. Many Hancocks and Michis, weather will decide.
The result: It was similar to S41, got 2 Elite wins, but it hasn't become an ordinary thing yet :-) Signed a top sponsor for the 1st time, but again the end of the season was all about how to avoid negative balance.
Season 43
The goal: As the driver hit 35-year-old mark, I decided to choose Hancocks and qualify as high as possible in order to get a good average result and more constant sponsor progress. I will certainly be out of points more frequently than on Bridgerocks. But I hope to retain easily on the other hand.
The result: It was a relatively good season. Nice average place, S&F investment. Dropped out of top-10 though.
Season 44
The goal: To develop a new long-term strategy in Elite with a new driver after securing a place here.
The result: Scored a podium on Dunnos without a FT, but the pace was heavily going down. Signed the best market prospect which is gonna be a new challenge to bring up to the title maybe ;-)
Season 45
The goal: Can't remember a season with such a difficult tyre choice. Need to make a proper one to retain.